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   20 October 2016 Current Affairs

Ashok Leyland, India's first electric bus launched

Hinduja Group flagship Ashok Leyland in India October 17, 2016 launched the first electric bus circuit.
The product has an initial investment of Rs 22 crore to Rs 500 crore, while the total investment will be in phases.
Circuit Series buses Indian company's commitment to technology innovation exploitable repeats.
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A related key facts:

• From the 65 passengers of the bus capacity is 35.
• After a single charge, under standard conditions, it can last up to 150 kilometers.
• The maximum bus speed is 75 kilometers per hour.
• The cost of the bus will be between Rs 1.50 crore from 3.50 crore.
• Circuit buses owned manufacturing company in all seven manufacturing units can be.
• The vehicle in India next eight trillion on importing fuel bills may be helpful in reducing the government's move.
• It is easy to mass-market platform is designed so the operator minor operation and maintenance expenses of the city can provide service to customers

Indian Railways, Railway Shooting World Championship title 

In the second week of October 2016, Indian Railways, the world's first railway Shooting Championship title. World Railway Shooting Championship was held in France in Saint Mendriyr.
Indian Railways team shooting the 15th International World Championship (USIC) 5 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals, including 10 championship title.
5 members of the team represented the Western Railway. The 12-member team led by Biswajit Shinde of Western Railway and Western Railway as coach of New York state, including Terre 8 shooter Anuja included.
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The Indians beat the 50m rifle competition won the gold medal in Germany and France. Swapnil Sawant Mulay Kushale the gold medal and the silver medal.
In the air rifle team event gold medal, defeating France and Norway. Ayonika Paul Paul gold, Suma Shirur won the silver medal and the bronze medal gurjit the team's name.
Air pistol shooter in all three Indian Jitendra Vibhute, Sumedh Devlaliwala and Vipin Rana respectively gold, silver and bronze medal.

USIC the main facts:


  • USIC is an international railway athletic association, which includes countries as members.
  • USIC in the world's main objective is to promote the importance of sports among the railwaymen and the Olympic ideal, like integrity, to promote tolerance and the Republic.

Indian scientists succeeded in creating electrical energy obtained without water


Delhi's National Physical Laboratory (NPL), scientists used to create electricity without any external energy success. It is used to create electricity, substances mainly Nanopars magnesium ferrite, Silver and Zinc.

In the process water by Nanopars magnesium ferrite hydronium (H 3 O) and hydroxide (OH) and was isolated. Silver and zinc electrode cell by the use of electric energy could be born. The team is led by Dr. RK Kotnala.

Hydro One square inch magnesium ferrite cell by using a current of 8 mA and 0.98 Walt generated energy were generated. Dr. Kotnala two cells connecting the two 3.70-inch thick vault of energy can be generated and a plastic fan and 1 watt LED bulb that can be burned.


The high affinity of magnesium hydroxide from the water is separated into hydronium and hydroxide Ayns. Then go to the Electric Field hydronium Ayns nanoporous form of magnesium and reacts with water. Magnesium ferrite materials consist of a lack of oxygen.

To increase magnesium ferrite reaction can be increased by changing from 20 percent lithium magnesium. The general reaction at temperatures that result from the actions of electrons.

According to the research were published by international energy research magazine, two inch ferrite magnesium produces a current of 82 mA and 0.9 can generate current vault. This research showed that the current of 2 mA and 0.9 inch 150 Walt substance of hydroelectric energy could generate.

Anaiseepiar and All India Institute of Ayurveda for research into cancer prevention and settlement

Anaiseepiar and All India Institute of Ayurveda recently tied for cancer prevention and research. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Health Research Institute of the Autonomous National Cancer Prevention and Research Institute (Anaiseepiar) and the All India Institute of Ayurveda Ayush autonomous body of the Ministry (Aaiaia) a memorandum of understanding was signed between.
The main objective of the agreement in Noida Anaiseepiar- AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Research Department of the Ministry of Health set up a joint venture so that Onkaloji Integrative cancer prevention, research and cooperation in the service can be.

Prof. Aaiaia MoU. Anaiseepiar Director Prof Kumar and Abhimanyu. Ravi Mehrotra, Secretary Ajit M Sharan AYUSH, Ministry of Health and the Secretary of the Department of Health Research. Soumya Swaminathan and signed in the presence of Director General of ICMR.
The MoU with the US National Cancer Institute and the bilateral talks will pave the way for cooperation.

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