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   01 January 2017 Current Affairs

Freedom of India better than China in 2016 at the Net report

Freedom of India better than China in 2016 at the Net report:
In the freedom of the Internet in 2016 and has not improved in any way. In fact, according to a recent report, it has been marked this year and fall further.
Internet freedom in China, most of the poor performance was recorded. However, only a quarter of the world's Internet users are enjoying free access to it.

India's position in the Net:

India Internet Freedom has received a score of 41 points out of 100. 100, where 0 is the best score and have the worst score. It has been classified by the organization partly free.
Although China scored 88 out of 100 in this report. According to reports from China, India have scored well.

Highlights of the report:

Social media users are faced with unprecedented penalties, officials in 38 countries worldwide in the past year were put on social media. Several people have been arrested on various posts.
Ie 67% of the two-thirds of all Internet users live in countries where the government, the military or the ruling family is the subject of criticism of censorship.
Applications like WhatsApp and Telegram governments increasingly trying to reduce the freedom of information exchange as they are proving to fresh medium.
Globally, 27 percent of all Internet users to publish content only available on Facebook, liking, sharing, have been arrested.
Internet freedom is the sixth consecutive year and reached down to his level.


Archana Nigam appointed comptroller general

Archana Corporation 1 January 2017 a new government was appointed comptroller general. He took over the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure. MJ was his appointment in place of Joseph.

Earlier, the Corporation for the next fiscal accounting framework established by the government for the implementation of the GST were working.

Archana Nigam:

• Archana Corporation, a 1981 batch officer of the ICAS.

• He has extensive experience in accounting and financial sector.

• His executive experience in India during the past 35 years worked in various ministries of the Government of India.

• University of Delhi's Shri Ram College of Psychology (Honours) graduate.

• Subsequently, he graduated in law from the University of Delhi.

• Archana Corporation under Mumbai University Narsi Monjee Institute of Management Studies MBA (Finance) degree.

• In 2007-08, the public financial management system (Pifms) and was instrumental in setting up. It is a web-based system to track economic plans.

Controller General of Accounts (Ministry of Finance):

Comptroller General of the accounting authority of the Central Government and the Comptroller & Auditor General of India, the Central and the State Government to determine the forms of accounts under Article 150 of the Constitution to exercise the powers of the President. It is responsible for the following tasks:

• Non-governmental create and consolidate monthly accounts.

• Union government's annual Appropriation Accounts (Civil) and Finance Accounts submitted to Parliament.

• Civil Ministries good and effective internal audit and pre-check system to make sure.

• Government of India, particularly income tax, customs duties and income related to central excise duty to ensure the effective and strict supervision.

• Comptroller General of the organization, various Indian Government Ministries / Departments of the Government is also responsible for the distribution and banking Wyrvstha. Comptroller General of the RBI and the public sector on a continuous basis from time to time by negotiating with banks is closely monitoring the current system.


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