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Current Affairs
   01 November 2016 Current Affairs

Bilateral naval exercises between India and Singapore

Bilateral naval exercises between India and Singapore has begun. As part of this exercise Simbarks -16 Singapore Navy frigate RSS Formidable five-day visit to the Eastern Naval Command at Visakhapatnam October 30, 2016, arrived.
In the first six multi-role frigate confidential RSS Formidable and Changi is also a part of the 185 Squadron.
During this period, 185 Squadron, Arsan Commanding Officer, Colonel Aaron Beng led a senior delegation visited the Singapore Navy.
In 1994, the first bilateral cooperation between Singapore and India with the Indian Navy began training Arsan.

Simbarks -16 in 2016 is being held in the Bay of Bengal. 23rd exercise in the series, and the same understanding its purpose and procedures for maritime security operations as well as to promote interoperability between Arsan and IN. Harbour between October 31 to November 02 this exercise phase includes comprehensive professional negotiations. This year, under the anti-submarine warfare exercise in the sea, sub-surface and air forces, air defense and ground integrated operations include surface and ground exercises encounters.


Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada

The European Union and Canada on Oct 30, 2016 signed a free trade agreement in Brussels. EU-Canada Summit held on the same day of the EU Council President Donald Tusk, the current president of the EU countries, Slovakia's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and European Commission President Robert Fijo Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudo alike macroeconomic and trade agreements signed.
The European Union issued an explanatory statement by the multifaceted economic and trade agreement, the EU participated.

Although most comprehensive and advanced trading agreement, which increase employment, sustainable and inclusive growth and to further economic cooperation between the two sides will begin a new chapter.
Since 2009, the EU and Canada start negotiations on the free trade agreement. The Canadian government has made systematic efforts aimed to change the country's image in the world and the agreement created a calm prevailing, as the country was peaceful and quiet.


India and Nepal held 10th joint military Surya exercises

Tenth joint military exercise between India and Nepal on October 31, 2016 Sun Ray Army Battle School, Slijndi, was held in Nepal. The military exercises will continue until November 13.

Military exercises between the two countries conducted military exercises in the tenth.

Surya series of military exercises are held annually between India and Nepal.

Conducted military exercises with other countries than the sunlight so it is also important because the number of troops is high.

Military exercises Key point:

• Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army from taking part in it.

• Jaber war Battalion of Nepal Army, the Nepal Army is taking part in military exercises in the tenth.

• The practice of military forces in the mountainous regions of the two countries during the war are to prevail.

• Disaster management is a part of the military exercises.

• The military exercises were held at the battalion level, relations between the two countries will be strengthened.

• armies of the two countries can learn from each other and the various arts of war and inaccessible places can master more.


India and Palestine signed an agreement to set up the Techno Park

India and Palestine on October 31 2016, a techno park in Rmallah (information technology hub) signed an agreement to install.
President Pranab Mukherjee's visit to Palestine in October 2015 the two countries had announced that India would assist in establishing in Palestine a techno park.
For starters, India had announced assistance of $ 12 million.

It will be $ 12 million within two years.

A related key facts:
• After fully prepared, all types of information technology in this techno-art facilities in the park are foreign companies, local industry, universities and other institutions will be established to work in.
• This MoU is a symbol of India's assistance in the development of Palestinian young Palestinians will employment and business opportunities.


National Unity Day was celebrated across India

Commemorating the 141 anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel October 31 2016, was celebrated as the Day of National Unity. 2016 was also the theme of the unity of India's National Unity Day.
The Government of National Unity Day on October 31 decided to commemorate as the enemies were to show the strength of India.
National Unity Day -2016 program in:
• On the occasion, pay tribute to the efforts of Sardar Patel.
• 'Run for Unity program all sections of society, especially the youth colleges, NCC, NSS, and the participation of all major cities, towns and rural areas and other places of the district was held.
• All government offices, public sector undertakings and other public institutions to celebrate National Unity Day ceremony were held.
• Police and other organizations in the evening on the streets of major cities and district towns 'march past' is made.

Vallabhbhai Patel about:

• Vallabhbhai Patel was born in Gujarat Krmsad October 31 1875.
• They are a well-known barrister, who studied in London and Godhra in Gujarat, Borsad and enjoy places such as your advocate.
• Kheda in Gujarat, Bardoli Borsad and led the peasant movements.
• Quit India movement against British rule they presented themselves with courage.
• He joined the Indian National Movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, and then made it into line leaders.
• India's first Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
• Bismarck of India and is also known as the Iron Man.
• In 1991, he was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna.

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