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   02 December 2016 Current Affairs

The government of the central OBC list to include 15 new nations approved

Central government Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in the central list to include 15 new nations have approved. The government has approved amendments in 13 other nations. The meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. NCBC 50 around the central OBC list to include new species recommended.

Key Facts:

National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) in eight states with a total of 28 changes were recommended to the central government.
The eight states of Assam, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand are.
The 28 amendments in the central list of OBC, 15 new entries.
9 synonyms of caste or sub-species in the list of nations that already exists.
Four amendments have been made to the list.
The central government in OBC creamy layer is considered relaxing the standards.

Educational institutions and government jobs quota benefits:

Notification of the decision of the cabinet as well as the center of these new nations to join the list of OBC reservation in government jobs and educational institutions, will facilitate.
Also provided by the Centre in scholarship and other welfare benefits of reservation will be provided.
The Union Cabinet for the second time in the NDA government at the Centre in the OBC list has approved a proposal to include a new species.

NCBC about:

NCBC any caste or sub-caste in the OBC request reviews.
Also does the grievance.
NCBC's recommendations are binding on the government.


Yoga incorporates the UNESCO cultural heritage list

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Intangible Cultural Heritage list by December 1, 2016 has been included in the totals.

Yoga in the UNESCO list as an Indian innovation involved. Ruchira Kamboj represented India at UNESCO.

According to UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in the oral traditions and expressions, performing arts, social customs, festivities, knowledge, etc. are included. Was defined as the sum of the game so it was not included in the first list.

The announcement of the ancient practice of yoga has told Indian civilization. The proposal approved by all members of the 24 Sdsiy Intergovernmental Committee said.

Other new descriptions have been included in the list - Rumba Dance (Cuba), Belgian Bears (Belgium), Almejmar (Saudi Arabia), Kuresi (Kazakhstan), Khidr Elias (Iraq), Hoko, Yatai Festival (Japan), Momoria ( Greece), in the common interest of the practice of organizing cooperatives (Germany), create and share Flatbrad (Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan);
Culture Jeju (South Korea), Gada System (Ethiopia), Thtib (Egypt), merengue dancing and singing (Dominican Republic), Felas Valencia (Spain), solar term (China) Tue Sobajatra (Bangladesh).

India's contribution to the Intangible Cultural Heritage list:

• Kudittm: Sanskrit theater of Kerala

• Mudiet: ritual theater of Kerala

• Veda chant

• Kalbelia: folk songs and dances of Rajasthan

• Ramlila: the traditional performance of the Ramayana

• Snskritn Manipur singing, drumming and dancing rituals.

• Rmmn: Himalayan religious festival

• touched: the traditional dance of the eastern Indian states


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