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   02 November 2016 Current Affairs

Sushil Chandra assumed the office of Director of Central Board of Direct

November 1 2016, the revenue officer Sushil Chandra CBDT (CBDT) has taken over as director.

Chandra Rani Singh Nair retired on October 31 2016, it took over the place.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT):

• The Central Board of Direct Taxes in India determination plays an important role in the creation of plans and policies.

• The Income Tax Department under the Ministry of Finance is the body of the policy.

• The Central Board of Revenue Act, 1963, under statutory authority.

• The Board of Directors of the Government of India is in the senior IRS officer.

• Chairman of the Central Board of the Special Secretary to Government of India and the Indian Revenue Service audits that cadre.

• The Board of Directors Auditor General's office in order of preference, Lieutenant General, Vice Admiral or Air Marshal, and the sub-controller is above CBI director.


Vigilance Awareness Week was celebrated in India

India October 31, 2016 to November 5, 2016 the Vigilance Awareness Week. Its aim is to bring integrity in public life and to build a society free of corruption.

Vigilance Awareness Week was scheduled for 2016, was the subject of - promoting integrity and public participation in eradicating corruption.

Highlights of the week:

• The beginning of the week the ministries, departments, public sector undertakings, banks, etc. All organizations solemnly pledged to meet its objectives.

• In this regard, various programs were organized to sensitize people and about their role in ending corruption was exposed them.

• All programs to educate citizens and on the need for their vigilance in eradicating corruption was highlighted.


The week is organized annually by the Central Vigilance Commission. CVC April 4, 1999, paragraph 3 (v) the resolution 371/20/99 / Aveedi- III made in view of the announced weeks.

On this day (to 31 October) is celebrated on the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He was instrumental in tying in Aksutr country.


Candidate's qualifications to know the voters right: SC

November 1 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that a key fundamental right of the voter to know the candidate's qualifications.
If a candidate gives false information, his academic qualifications may enroll.

A related key facts:
• The case of 2012 in Manipur assembly elections contested by NCP PRITHVIRAJ Singh burnt.They MBA declared himself in his academic abilities. Pukrem Sharadchandra the candidate was challenged by false information. Later, it was proved that the MBA had not PRITHVIRAJ. PRITHVIRAJ clerical mistake but said that these are just high court had turned down their arguing.
• The Supreme Court has now been proven by law that the right to information received by voters in each candidate's educational qualification would tell. Giving false information about the candidate's qualifications can not say that this information is not of a critical nature, on which the nomination is canceled. The Supreme Court rejected the argument, saying that academic qualifications will be considered crucial information about the announcement.
• legal provisions, rules and form 26 also is clear that the candidate has a duty to give correct information to their academic qualifications.


China's first stealth fighter J-20 display

China November 1 2016, the fifth-generation stealth fighter Jhuhai air-show display J-20. It is China's indigenously built stealth aircraft, making China the second country after the US stealth aircraft.

Earlier, China's J-20 in defense of the F-22 and F-35 aircraft from the US was going to. Juhai Air-show in China, two J-20 aircraft in the air for about a minute for the parade held around the globe are being discussed.

J-20 Stealth:

• China's most authoritative information about this aircraft was not but it is also able to evade radar.

• Also, it is being said that it is also the world's longest-friendly cruises.

• The total length is 20 meters and its short and long-range air-to-air missile missile that can be launched.

• The aircraft can fly at a speed of 2100 kilometers per hour.

• Pakistamn exporter of the Chinese version of this fighter plane has expressed a desire to buy.

• China's J-20 version of the exporter named FC -31.

The range of other fighter aircraft

F-22 Raptor (US): The world's most dangerous is to be regarded as the aircraft is equipped with advanced stealth technology. It's almost impossible to hold any of the reconnaissance techniques. The US Army is being built by the Lockheed Martin Company. Its speed range of 2,450 kilometers per hour, and its firepower is 2965 kilometers. In case of excessive speed to control the Fire Wire Sistam said.

Raphael (France): This highly advanced technology aircraft in air-to-air and air to ground which includes a nuclear attack is capable of. It can distinguish multiple targets. Its speed of 2130 kilometers per hour, while also filling the liquid oxygen is not required. The twin-engine fighter aircraft over a period of only 55 to 60 minutes is possible to reach a height of a thousand feet.

Sukhoi T-50 (Russia-India): The aircraft being built jointly by Russia and India is. Compare this to the US F-22 and China's J-20 is being. It also has a stealth aircraft, which will be produced in India. This will reduce India's dependence on other countries.

Eurofighter Typhoon: about 11 thousand kg, the aircraft involved in Europe's most modern fighter aircraft. Raptr the US F-22 is believed to be able to counter.


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