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The International Day was celebrated person divyanga

, December 3: International divyanga person days

3 December 2016, the world celebrated the International Day of divyanga person. The theme of the day - both 17 goals for the future.

The goal in 2016 is to meet people's rights divyanga. The purpose of this day is divyanga people strive for a better future.

In 2016, the 10th anniversary of the International divyanga person days Siarpeedi Adoption Day is being celebrated as well. Siarpeedi been implemented by the United Nations treaty is accepted by most countries.

International divyanga person's Day:

• Day of the year 1992 by the United Nations is being held.

• The purpose of this day divyanga understand the problems of people, their rights to work and to empower them.

• The purpose of the day of other people divyanga political, social, economic and cultural life to join the mainstream.


NSE MD and CEO resigned Chitra Ramakrishna

National Stock Exchange (Ansi) Managing Director and CEO Chitra Ramakrishna December 2, 2016, resigned from office with immediate effect. From the beginning of the stock market for nearly two decades was associated.
National Stock Exchange (Ansi) according to the "personal reasons" has resigned from the post.
Ansi from the post of CEO Chitra Ramakrishna resigned before the proposed IPO.
Currently Senior Executive Managing Director and CEO of J. Ravichandran has interim charge.
This charge is for the period until the pre-Ansi board, headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Chawla Chitra Ramakrishna does not seek the full-time option.

About Chitra Ramakrishna:

Chitra Ramakrishna team Huin inception in 1992 Ansi said. He later became Ansi high positions.
Cintra of 52 was one of the few executives are leading global exchanges.
He left the post at a time when the business Ansi quick and 'co-location' features was in the discussion.

'Co-location' about:

'Co-location' is a data center facility where the servers and other computing Hardware for business can rent space.
His term expires in March 2018.
In April 2013, he took over as Managing Director and CEO.
SEBI is Ansi and monitor the activities of the regulatory approval will be required for the designation.


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