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   03 November 2016 Current Affairs

VoLTE service for Airtel and Nokia made 402 million deal

Airtel necia VoLTE with has tied up Rs 402 for the service to start. The agreement for the Reliance Jio's 4G network Vioeltii (VoLTE) in the field of competition is aimed at.
RJio Vioeltii (VoLTE) supportive feature phones is also set to launch.
Since the launch of 4G networks in the world RJio other telecom service providers 4G LTE (LTE) are sharp uptick in the number of circles.

Airtel Vioeltii in parts of the country (VoLTE) has successfully test.
The company now IMS (IP Multimedia System) across the country have joined hands to launch from Nokia.
By the end of this year, the service can be launched.
Bharti Airtel Chairman Sunil Mittal Vioeltii (VoLTE) service, before unloading Vioeltii (VoLTE) device is required to be surveyed market.

Vioeltii (VoLTE) about:
Vioeltii (VoLTE) technology, data and phone calls without the user allows the band to change.
Data and voice calls in this technology is the use of the same band.

Kerala open defecation free has became the third state in the country

Kerala open defecation free (Odif) has become the third state in the country. Nov. 1, 2016, the state established the Day was announced.
Earlier Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim himself declared free from the practice of open defecation. Kerala Chief Minister on the occasion of foundation day Pinrayi Vijayan, Kerala Kerala today said the practice of open defecation-free has become the country's first high-density state.
Haryana, Gujarat and Uttarakhand are also soon to declare itself Odif.

The innate tendency to be free from open defecation all the 14 districts of Kerala, 152 block panchayats and 2117 villages and 940 rural projects under the Clean India Mission has been freed from the trend of open defecation.


Sarabjit Singh Marwah nominated Members of Canadian Parliament 

Indian-origin Sikh Sarabjit Singh Marwah has been named a member of the Canadian Parliament. Canadian Parliament, the first Sikh to be designated (Turban) are.
Sarabjit Marwah banker aka Nivasit All are currently in Ontario, Canada. He has been an independent member of the Senate.
Sarabjit Singh Marwah has also served as vice president of the Scottish bank.
Justin Trudiu Prime Minister is nominated for five other members of Parliament.
Those Sssyon Marwah in Canada include the Sikh Foundation.
They also recognize the Sikh community has contributed substantially to the cultural and social.

Sarabjit Marwah about:
He was born in Calcutta in 1952.
His early education took place at the St Xavier's School.
He then moved to Delhi and studied at St Stephen's College, Delhi School of Economics.
They take an MBA degree from the University of California in 1978 after economic analysts joined the Scottish bank.
Here are the year 2014 and retired as vice president.
Marwah also serves on several Canadian government entities.


Russia were invited to India for fast reactor research project

Russia November next-generation nuclear reactor in 2016 and reactor research project has invited India. The project is known as MBIR.

This information project (Arosattiom) in India has given manager Alexandre Jhgornov. His appointment as representatives of India, South Asia was the center. Arosattiom Russia's nuclear corporation.

It is a kind of multipurpose reactor nuclear fission chain reaction is sustained by fast neutrons. The project Dimitrovgrad International Research Center, located in Moscow attends.

The project aims to:

• MBIR design includes three independent loop test gas as the coolant may be different. These lead, molten salt and other substances.

• The main objective is to create the fourth-generation reactor to which small and medium thermal neutron reactor is the main objective.

• In a closed fuel cycle nuclear waste will be used as new fuel.

• The fourth-generation nuclear power plant designed to give useful information about the importance of research.

Fast-neutron reactor:

• Fast neutron reactors can be a solution of ecological problems. This disposal of radioactive waste and the reprocessing is possible.

• the five key issues - security, competitiveness, fuel, radioactive waste reprocessing and fuel shortages and to be able to use them again, etc. There is a solution.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 'solar sujala scheme in Chhattisgarh 

Chhattisgarh Minister Narendra Modi at the 16th Foundation Day celebrations in Raipur sujala ambitious solar plan launched. Chhattisgarh Foundation Day (Five days Rajyotsava) Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was held in the grounds. The state government's plan to be implemented throughout the country is the target.
Solar sujala plan:
Solar sujala Atyadik subsidies to farmers through the scheme of the solar-powered water pump will be provided.
Sepradesh 51 thousand farmers will benefit from the scheme.
Four hundred and three and a half worth of planned solar-powered irrigation pump system, farmers will be provided in only ten to twenty thousand rupees.
In 2016-17, the first year the solar pump will be allocated 11 thousand farmers.
It will be marked for those farmers whose land has not yet power.
Chief Minister Dr. Singh to facilitate the irrigation pumps, farmers also would be allocated to 3 HP and 5 HP.

Irrigation pump for the state and central government will grant Rs 283.28 crore.
3 HP pump SC and ST categories in the OBC farmers Rs 7 to Rs 12 thousand to Rs 18 thousand in the general category will be given to farmers.
5 HP pumps SC and ST category farmers Rs 10 thousand, 15 thousand farmers from OBC and Rs 20 in the general category will be given to the farmer. This pump is the actual price of four million dollars.
other plans-
On this occasion, Prime Minister integral path and rapid bus transport system in the city dedicated to the general public.
Rajyotsava site Prime Minister inaugurated the exhibitions in India and Shilpgram.

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