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   06 December 2016 Current Affairs

Formula One world champion Nico Rosenberg announced his retirement

Formula One world champion Nico Rosenberg's December 2, 2016 announced retirement from the game. Nico Rosberg of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton beat three-time champion of the Formula One world champions on November 26.
Held in Abu Dhabi, the last race of the season, he finished second in the World Championship, won.

About Nico Rosenberg:

Besides his father Keke Rosberg became the equivalent of the record.
His father KK became world champion in 1982.
According to 31-year-old Nico Rosenberg hard, after many hardships and sacrifices to become world champion as well as I have climbed Everest. Since the victory in front of me and I felt great pressure to be decided at the same time as I will win the world title, I will finish my career there.
Nico Rosberg posted on his Facebook: "I had the same dream of racing in 25 years to become the world champion of Formula race.
Rosenberg explained that the 31-year-old Nico 'Suzuka' win since I had started thinking about Ritaryment.


The agreement was signed between India and Vietnam

The agreement was signed between India and Vietnam. Under the agreement with India next year, Vietnam will teach fighter pilots flying the Sukhoi-30MKI. Vietnamese Defence Minister General Ango Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and signed by Juan Licht.
Fighter Pilots to train Vietnamese in 2013 was compromised. Some financial and freight could not be finalized due to issues. Licht's three-day visit to India, with the 30-member military delegation has arrived in India. Chief of Air Force and Navy are also part of the delegation.
Last September, the two countries during the visit of Prime Minister of Vietnam bilateral "strategic partnership" and "increase" was decided upon. India three years kilo-class submarines to the Vietnamese sailors onboard coming teaches operations.

The purpose of the agreement:

The objective of India is to challenge China in Asia.
Defense technology and military training in the two countries enhance cooperation gradually.
The two countries in the disputed South China Sea are also jointly exploring oil.
India and Vietnam, both in the Asia-Pacific region are concerned about China's aggressive behavior.
Defense agreements between the two countries are going to move on.
Kapasiti manufacturing in Vietnam Defense Minister Parrikar has also created a partnership offer.

Prime Minister and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval General Licht said he would meet the two countries in multilateral fora such as the ADMM-Plus (ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting-Plus) worked closely to each other on.
Defence Secretary of India and Vietnam the following year (2017) will meet in the defense during the PM's visit to Vietnam for a loan of $ 500 million under the military so as to identify projects and equipment.

India's export offer:

India's BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles, anti-submarine torpedo and other military hardware and software Vrunastr Vietnam proposes to export.
Vietnamese pilots next year will start to come to India and the Indian Air Force Basic and Advanced Training aircraft will be dried.
Modi's visit to Vietnam in September also was preparing to finalize the deal. Then in 2007, the two countries agreed to further promote the bilateral strategic partnership.


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