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Current Affairs
   06 January 2017 Current Affairs


The Centre for Police Toolkit IPR enforcement campaign launched

Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on January 4 2017, police launched a toolkit for IPR enforcement. The toolkit specifically for police officers across the country, such as trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy activity will prove effective tool in dealing with crimes.

A related key facts:
• In the case of IP crimes and to investigate the seizure also provides general guidelines.
• in addition to offenses under various laws and to investigate the complaint and provide a list to the seizure.
• The toolkit will be provided all over the country and the state police departments for trademark and copyright infringement intended to help in dealing with matters relating to.
• The promotion and management of IPR toolkit jointly Prkoshta (Siaipiam) and FICCI (FICCI) has been prepared by.
• IP network across the country to strengthen the various measures taken by Siaipiam.
• National IPR awareness of IPR and IPR policy to recognize, respect, because it is very important for a healthy IP system.
• Ministry of Commerce and Industry under the auspices of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion IPR promotion and management Prkoshti (Siaipiam) to ensure effective implementation of the 2016 National IPR Policy is working towards.
• Students Siaipiam IPR awareness campaign launched in cooperation with the International Trademark Association is doing.
• It is a creative and constructive on IPR will help spread the message.
• In order to strengthen the enforcement mechanism, Siaipiael training programs for police officers in Andhra Pradesh has organized seven batches.
• Trade Secrets and its impact on the industry to discuss various aspects relating to the protection of privacy on business Siaipiam was successfully organized by the Indo-US workshop.
• APO and police officers in the state for the three-day training program is also organized.
• Siaipiam intellectual property rights in the field of international relations, is also actively involved in facilitating.
• Recent papers on IPR UK and Singapore signed a memorandum of understanding with the two.
• Siaipiam on the enforcement of intellectual property rights training of police and judicial authorities to operate the state police and judicial academies Htu has written.

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