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   06 November 2016 Current Affairs

The first World Tsunami Awareness Day was celebrated

November 5, 2016 the first World Tsunami Awareness Day was celebrated in the whole world. Promote awareness of the Day tsunami was observed to increase.
2016 was the subject of the first World Day Tsunami Awareness: Effective education and evacuation drill. This awareness day Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction 2016, and the cooperation of the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction was held in New Delhi.
Under Asian Ministerial Conference, to understand the significance of this day is very necessary to understand the example of 1854.
Living in Wakayama Prefecture in Japan on November 5, the high intensity of a tsunami after the earthquake were worried about. However, their efforts resulted in many individuals life left.
The tsunami early warning was the first documented example. Experts decided that the November 5 Tsunami Awareness Day.

What is a tsunami?

Tsunami waves also port called because they cause maximum damage in coastal areas and ports are.
Waves in the ocean and lakes are always arising due to the gravitational pull of the moon's winds occur.
These are usually quite quiet but if they are more powerful, they can destroy a large coastal areas.
Experts say the speed of the tsunami is the speed at which an airplane flies so.


Started the world's first zero-carbon hydrogen train in Germany

The world's first hydrogen-powered trains in Germany was inaugurated in September 2016..

The train called Koradia Ailint Olstom is designed by French rail company, which emits only steam and water.

The Koradia Ailint

• It runs on hydrogen fuel tank is mounted on its roof. Train to run hydrogen and oxygen from the air is received that meets later converted into electric power train is run.

• The lithium battery has been installed in the train is provided to store energy.

• The train is completely carbon-free and environmentally 4000 are better than diesel trains.

• It was once stored energy can travel up to 800 kilometers, the maximum speed is 87 mph.

• Testing of the train will be started at the end of 2016. If this test is successful, the December 2017 it will be made available to the public.


• The French multinational company related to rail transport.

• The passenger transport, signaling, locomotive engines, Turn-Mill Centre, TGV, Eurostar, making high-speed rail company.

• Established in 1928 Elsesin Societe de Constructions Mechanics Kompgin Frances Thomson and as a result of the merger.


Tennis player Andy Murray top in the world rankings

British tennis player Andy Murray, 29, became the world's number one men's tennis player. They have achieved this position by Novak Djokovic. November 7, 2016 it was officially announced. British number one Andy Murray at number two on this journey was completed in 7 years.
The 22-year-old were killed when they first became number two. Andy Murray are the older British Khiladhi. Has won first place in the world rankings.

Andy Murray about:
Murray November 5, 2016, only Serbia's Novak Djokovic, the top spot was snatched.
After becoming the number one tennis player Andy Murray clinched the Paris Masters is.
November 6, 2016 in the final of the Paris Masters to American John Isner 6-3, 6-7, 6-4 in Paris with the first and eighth of the season trophy.

November 5, 2016 Khiladhi Canadian Milos Raonic and Tennis Masters tournament in Paris semi-final match between Andy Murray was to be played, but the injured Raonic withdrew from the match.
The first time since computerized rankings were introduced in 1973 when a British player has topped the rankings.
Croatia's Marin Cilic lost to Djokovic in the quarter-finals before they were out of the tournament.
Djokovic 122 consecutive weeks at the number one position driving over possession.
Djokovic last July 7, 2014 and became the number one.

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