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Current Affairs
   07 November 2016 Current Affairs

DRDO Technology Centre signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Institute of Technology

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) November 4, 2016 the establishment of the technology center, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Institute of Technology.
The Defence Research and Development Secretary and DRDO chief Dr. S. IIT Delhi Director Prof Christopher. V. Ram Gopal Rao signed the MoU.
Joint Advance Technology Centre (Jeattisi) MoU for setting up of a function in Delhi made.
Centre for Science and Technology Park will be set up soon.
Establishment of the center guided, will support basic and applied research and the prestigious research organization aligned with the multi-institutional cooperation will be.

MoU Key facts:

DRDO Jeattisi equipped with advance and will help in specific research facilities.
Which enable teachers and students to advance research and can be changed as Jeattisi excellent center.
DRDO scientists and engineers academic research scientist with the teacher and students to solve the problems of innovation will work jointly.
Various engineering and science departments of IIT Delhi center teachers and students participate in various programs and projects.
With this feature Jeattisi region's major institutions on the basis of their research will jointly collaborate.


RBI appointed M Rajeshwar Rao as executive director

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on November 7, 2016. M Rajeshwar Rao appointed executive director. He has been appointed in place of G Mahalingam, Mahalingam took voluntary retirement from the Central Bank.

As Executive Director, Rajeshwar Rao Department of Statistics and Information Management, Financial Markets Operations Department and will take charge of the international department.

Rajeshwar Rao:

• before being appointed Chief General Manager of the Financial Markets Operations Department said.

• Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Cochin and post-graduate degree in Business Administration.

• He started working in 1984 in RBI and has held various positions in the Central Bank.

• Risk Monitoring Department before they were employed.

• New Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Chennai in the Reserve Bank's local branches served as Banking Ombudsman.


Indian Army accomplished mission Demchok

November 6, 2016, the Indian Army Demchok mission successfully completed. Under this mission in eastern Ladakh, Demchok for irrigation water pipeline was laid. The opposition expressed by the Chinese military, but the military mission success.

The project under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme was completed.

Chinese military conflict:

• On the way to the Chinese Army laid pipeline made of plastic fibers made out temporary obstacles in the way of the pipeline started.

• Under previous agreements that were claimed by the Chinese military in the border region can not allow any construction work. The Indian army said in response that it took to build the building for any security-related construction was a compromise.

• Indo-Tibetan Border Police cordoned off the area to be stopped by the Chinese military and Chinese forces from coming into the area.

• The deadlock three days (until November 5, 2016) and the Army engineers building a kilometer of the pipeline laid in the area.

Demchok opposed by the Chinese army in the first instance, when Chinese troops marched into India so far have come in.

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