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Donald Trump was appointed Indian Raj Shah Deputy Director of Research

US president-elect Donald Trump the Indian Raj Shah has been appointed deputy director in the White House communications and research.

Key Facts:
Originally a native of the province of Gujarat in India, Raj Shah, currently Research Director at the Republican National Committee.
30-year-old Shah, the Democrat Party candidate in the US elections, the former president's wife, Hillary Clinton, was attached to the research team led by experts.
During the presidential election campaign against Hillary, who was also behind the plan was to Raj Shah.
US president-elect Donald Trump Raj Shah's appointment was announced on January 4 2017.
With this appointment, Raj Shah will work in the White House with President Donald Trump.
Rains Pribs the future White House Chief of Staff at the White House Raj Shah will be part of those special people who will provide advice to the President to change the face of America.
President Donald Trump on January 4 2017, except the name of the King of the White House staff and the 10 names announced.

About Raj Shah:
Shah Raj's parents originally Nivasit Gujarati and are currently in Mumbai.
Raj Shah's father went to the US in 1970 and then returned to India to study.
Raj Shah, both parents after marriage moved to the US.
Shah Raj's parents in Chicago a few days ago after he was shifted Kaniktikt.
Kaniktikt Shah was born in and to his studies here.
Raj Shah graduation from the University of Cornwell.
Raj Shah, former President George Bush's term in office, the President has also worked as a research assistant.
During the 2012 presidential election, the Republican National Committee, deputy research director Raj Shah as worked.

Former appointments:
Shah Raj Kumar appointed former grasshopper, Nikki Haley and Preet Bharara has been appointed by the US president Donald Trump.

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