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   08 November 2016 Current Affairs

The government, the Prime Minister safe motherhood campaign launched

November 7, 2016, the Ministry of Health 'prime Safe Motherhood campaign began. Prime safe motherhood campaign conducted in collaboration with UNICEF (Pimsma), the pregnant women to private doctors for providing better health facilities have been included in the campaign.
In India, due to health issues related to pregnancy, a woman dies every 12 minutes. Under this, every month on the ninth of the doctor's side door of pregnant women free will investigate.

Safe Motherhood campaign:
Indian Medical Association (IMA) and the largest organization of gynecologists and Gaynakolojikl Obstetrik Federation of Society of India (Fogsi) also have the full support of the trust.
Health Minister JP Nadda special website for the campaign on Friday and released mobile app.
Modi had appealed to private doctors to join the campaign. A large number of physicians who expressed a desire to cooperate.
The campaign website will be able to register themselves through a private physician.
After that he will be able to register with the relevant government hospital.
According to health secretary CK Mishra, a government official in hospitals is working on hiring private doctors.
According to the health ministry, private doctors in the next phase in its institutions on the ninth of every month may be appealed to such a service.

Profit from operations:

Prime safe motherhood campaign on government health centers for pregnant women prenatal screening will be on the second and third quarter.
These services include ultrasound, blood and urine testing is included.
Also regular antenatal check will take place.
The primary objective of identifying high-risk pregnancy program initiated treatment and Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) and infant mortality rate (IMR) is reduced.

The goal of the campaign:

Campaign over three million women across the country to provide free prenatal care.
Focus on prenatal care for 184 priority districts have been identified.


India ranks second in the global business optimism index

By Grant Thornton International Business Report released in 2016. According to the report, global business optimism index (July-September) 2016 is in the second place.

India in April-June 2016 period was the third. Earlier, India consistently stood first two quarters.

Indonesia ranked first in the latest ranking of the Philippines was ranked third.

India in regard to the main point:

• According to the report by the Modi government initiatives for economic reform in the impact index is shown. As a result, India finished second by a rank improvement.

• The report said that in addition to economic reforms, Goods and Services Tax (GST) has improved the situation.

• The possibility of an increase in employment opportunities have improved in the rankings.

• improve relations with India by the global economic Mahashaktion efforts to influence the ranking.

• Nearly 59 percent of the development related to the growth in potential responses were recorded.

• Based on revenue figures, India's third to first place.

• Revenues are expected to rise by nearly 85 percent of responses were recorded.


Modi will be the face of Incredible India campaign

Promoting tourism incredible India (Incredible India) campaign will be the face of the Prime Minister. The Ministry of Tourism, Bollywood stars including Amitabh Bachchan the brand ambassador of the campaign have abandoned the idea of ​​creating.
Aamir Khan as brand ambassador at the beginning of this year, after being removed from the place was empty.

Ministry of Tourism Action Plan:

According to senior officials of the Ministry during the last two years at home and abroad by the Prime Minister with regard to tourism, according to video footage of statements of Modi's baton will be used for the campaign.
Including such footage featuring various places of the country and the variety is described.
Ministry of footage to choose the work that is being done.

Ministry to release radio and audio video will use two different periods of time.
Modi footage of various locations in the country is talking about the uniqueness and diversity.
The beginning of the tourist season and favorable weather, the arrival of Christmas and New Year holidays begin until the end of November.
At the end of November to the beginning of the tourist season, given the campaign would be started next 40-45 days.
The process of selecting the agency for implementation of the campaign continues.
Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma, the prime minister visited the countries where there is a surge in tourist arrivals. So Incredible India campaign to promote the most suitable prime minister face.

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