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   09 November 2016 Current Affairs

Features of the new currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2000

November 8, 2016 by the Prime Minister to stop at Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes of the old Reserve Bank Governor after it was powered by Patel Rs 500 and Rs 2000 announced the release of the new notes.
Black money in the country to ban the decision taken by the central government has seen mixed reactions. The government announced that the old notes from banks to deposit and placement of new notes to replace the period of banks will be increased.

Features of the new notes of Rs 2000 Rs - (Front):
1. The amount of Rs 2,000 on the see-through register will face. A figure that is see-through register to view the note appears in the light, the shape will appear in place of the value of the note.
2. Notes on the latent image will be Rs 2,000. It can be seen viewing angle of 45 degrees.
3. Note on the price in 2000 will be written in Devanagari.
4. At its center will be the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi.
5. Micro letters 'RBI' and '2000' will be written.
6. Security in the thread 'India', 'RBI' and '2000' would read. Tilt to view the note in the thread color changes from green to blue will appear.
7. The right side of the guarantee clause, Promise clause and the governor of the Reserve Bank as well as the signature will be signs.
8. The right of the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi will be 2000 and electrotype watermark.
9. Notes from the top left and bottom right panel will number. The panel number written in small to large sizes (increasing order) will be in.

For visually impaired:
10. Numbers in the panel picture of Gandhi, Ashoka Pillar, bleed lines and the identification number will be embossed finger touches can be realized.
11. Embossed Rs 2000 will be written in horizontal rectangle.
12. The right and left seven angular bulges will bleed line.

Back of note:
13. This will be printed on the printing of the year.
14. Clean India logo and slogan will also be written.
15. The panel will be at the center of language.
16. Reflecting India's achievement in space will be an image of Mars Orbiter.

The new notes of Rs 500 Rs (next section):
1. 500. The old cash government green Rs 500 notes will float.
2. The size earlier than the notes will be minor.
3. In front of the note value will be written in see-through number.
4. Note the value of the latent image will be given.
5. Locate the image of Mahatma Gandhi will be replaced instead of the first.
6. The security thread Rotating engaged in it will appear blue from green.
7. The right side of the guarantee clause, Promise clause and the governor of the Reserve Bank as well as the signature will be signs.
8. the right electrotype watermark and the picture of Gandhi will.
9. Note the upper left corner and lower right corner number panel in the number of small capital letters will be written.
10. In the lower-right corner of the blue-green will appear the sign of Rs.
11. The right side will be the Ashoka pillar.

Back of note:
12. The left will indicate the year of publication.
13. Clean India logo and slogan will be written.
14. The panel will be at the center of language.
15. Reflecting the Indian civilization and the red flag was displayed fort.
16. The value of the right side will be written in Devanagari.


Defence Ministry approved defense deal of 82 thousand crore

November 7, 2016, the Indian Ministry of Defence's military preparations to repair 82 thousand crore defense deal is approved. The funding from the fighter planes, tanks, rockets and mini-drones will be purchased. Also troubling defense policy of blacklisting companies has changed. The Council of the Air Force plans to buy 83 aircraft Tejas Mark 1A is approved. At a cost of nearly Rs 2911 crore for the Army and Air Force built by HAL also approved the purchase of 15 light aircraft. 464 Russian-made T-90 tanks to the meeting to order again approved. Almost 13 448 crore to build these tanks will Ordnance Factory Board. Around 1100 at a cost of Rs 598 crore has also been approved to buy mini-drones. The greatest achievement of this meeting, and plan new blacklist policy is approved.

In the next few days it will be put on the website of the Ministry of Defence. He approved the policy that has been kept in mind while it may not affect the army's modernization. Brshta conduct a defense company in a particular project if it is found guilty of a certain period only in that particular area will be suspended from trading. This way they do business in other defense areas will remain free. Besides, it also provides for heavy fines. This policy is being obstructed in the military modernization will help to complete several projects. In addition, the policy envisages a ban on a particular person.


Woman of Indian origin in Australia, "Business Women of the Year 2016 title

26-year-old girl of Indian origin in Australia Uppama Virdi "Business Woman of the Year '2016 Aiabisia (IABCA) won awards. The girl Uppama Virdi 'Chaywali' is known as. The award was presented on behalf of the Indian business community in Australia is.

Virdi Uppama about:
Uppama Virdi, 26, a corporate lawyer by profession is.
Virdi Uppama ways to make the tea, and that's all fan art "by Chaywali 'is known as.
Famous Uppama Virdi are currently running a retail venture, whose name is Chaywali.
This is an online Holsel shop. He is also a corporate lawyer.

Indian business community to promote entrepreneurship award metaphor is provided.
Virdi's grandfather were doctors of Ayurveda. He had good information about the spices.
Simile of Indian origin in Australia Virdi 'Chaywali "brand sell the tea.
His brand is very popular in Australia.
Virdi had arrived for a television interview a few years ago, where she arrived at the studio, tea kettle and cup.

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