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   11 January 2017 Current Affairs


EC issued instructions regarding political hoardings and advertisements in five states

The Central Election Commission on elections to five state election commissioners and officers issued instructions regarding political hoardings and advertisements. Under which such hoardings and advertisements of all political leaders should be covered or removed.

These hoardings and advertising which include a living will or political office bearer of a political party have been achievements. Responsibility Anupaln instructions have been given to the state's election machinery.

January 9, 2017, to promote the Congress Ujjawala scheme photo of the Prime Minister on behalf of the oil companies objected to billboards were put forth to seek the removal of such hoardings.
Central Election Commission instructed its 12 December 2004 is the latest in compliance with the guidelines issued by repeating. Chief Electoral Officer before the election schedule was announced in January 2017, after four of the matter was discussed.

According to the Central Election Commission of such photographs in advertisements or hoardings should be removed, that the electoral process be affected or may affect the interests of any other political candidate.

According to the Central Election Commission should be covered with ads or hoardings properly the feelings of the Commission's instructions to be fully complied with.

The Central Election Commission has issued clear instructions that all such advertising billboards and a live political officials, politicians or political parties to highlight achievements. The billboards and advertising have their photo or name or party symbol, must be removed from the public space.
According to the instructions of the Central Election Commission, no political party or officer and his or her appreciation to refurbish the image of the leader of a political party can not take money from public funds, nor can public money expenditure.

From February to March, four to eight, five states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur assembly elections are to be held.
These four states selected program to be announced in January 2017 as well as the model code of conduct is applicable.

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