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   12 November 2016 Current Affairs

Japan signed the nuclear deal with India

Japan November 11 2016, landmark civil nuclear cooperation agreement signed with India. The agreement between the nuclear industries of the two countries in paving the way for the alliance.
To promote relations between the two sides also signed nine agreements. Agreement is signed by former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held talks with wide.

Agreement about:
Agreements between the two countries on cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including associated agreements.
Raised in the context of the creation of the Clean Energy Partnership is a historic step.
Between the two countries for more than six years after the case, intensive talks and discussions have signed the deal.

This agreement is a legal framework in accordance with Japanese Prime Minister of India on peaceful purpose of nuclear energy and nuclear non-proliferation regime will also act responsibly.
India is not a signatory to the NPT or the partner.
The nuclear deal, Japan's desire to create a world free of nuclear weapons is consistent.
After the tragedy of World War II, Japan's traditionally rigid stance against nuclear proliferation is.


Guy Ryder as ILO Director selected again

Guy Ryder again for the November 7, 2016 for the next five years, the ILO Director-General (DG) has been selected. October 1, 2016 he will take over.

Ryder received 56 of 54 votes, the sole candidate for the post said.

• Guy Ryder tenth of ILO Director-General.

• Since 2006, the International Trade Union Confederation to 2010 (Aitiusi) worked as the Secretary General.

• From 2002 to 2006 the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (Aisiftiu) general secretary.


• International Labour Organisation (ILO) labor standards and a Antrashtryry Sihanvlokn international organization which is the Uttgrdayi.

• 187 countries around the world are members.

• In 1969, the organization working in different countries in the world to protect the interests of workers and the efforts to establish peace, the Nobel Peace Prize.

• ILO complaint against the violation of international laws are.

• Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland-based.


Adam Bain, Twitter's chief operating officer resigned

Twitter announced on November 9, 2016 the company's chief operating officer Adam Bain is planning to leave.
Adam Bain, the company's chief financial officer Anthony Noto location will hold additional charge of the post. Anthony Noto will remain in office until a new appointment unless the company does not.

Twitter about:

• Twitter is a social networking website.
• Twitter was founded in March 2006.
• 140-character Twitter messages you can send at one time the tweet says.
• Twitter's main task is to find out what time a certain person is functioning.
Many social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook • Twitter has become quite famous.
• The service is available in English, was on Twitter yet, but now it has come to some other languages.

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