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   14 November 2016 Current Affairs

Centre has decided to invest in the Highways and Shipping region of 25 million

The Centre for the improvement of infrastructure in the next five years, highway and shipping sector has decided to invest Rs 25 lakh crore. Four of these projects lakh crore have been allocated.
This will increase employment opportunities for at least 5 million.
Four lakh crore have been allocated for projects in the highway projects of Rs 3.17 lakh and Rs 80,000 crore has been allocated in the shipping sector.
22 kilometers of highways are being built every day.
The goal of the Ministry is building 42 km of roads per day.
Target of building 15,000 km of highways in 2016-17.
By October 3591 kilometers of highways have been constructed.
The government has built 14 594 km of existing highways.
Two important project Periferil Expressway East and West will be completed in seven months.
96,000 kilometers of national highway east has increased from 1.65 million km.
Northeast lakh crore investment to improve infrastructure have been prepared.


World Diabetes Day was celebrated worldwide in 2016

World Diabetes Day is celebrated worldwide on 14th November 2016. The theme of the World Diabetes Day 2016: Eyes on diabetes (Eyes on Diabetes).
Every year on November 14 as World Diabetes Day is celebrated. Its purpose is to create awareness about diabetes.

About World Diabetes Day:

Discoverer of insulin by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization World Diabetes Day on November 14, the birthday of Frederick as is observed.
In December 2006, diabetes was included in the programs of the United Nations.
Given the continued increase in the number of diabetics in the 1991 International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization jointly awareness of the disease to the World Diabetes Day to be held each year considered. World Diabetes Day was first celebrated in 1991.
Srav of insulin by the pancreas in diabetes the body is due to decreased. Increases blood glucose levels, as well as in these patients blood cholesterol, fat contents are unusual.

China first launched the Pulsar navigation satellite Akspianavi

China Pulsar Test Jiukuan satellite Akspianavi 1 satellite launch center. -11 Long March rocket carrying the satellite is.
The Long March carrier rocket flight was 239 th.
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp satellite and rocket design by.

Akspianavi 1 pulsar test satellite:

• The weight is over 200 kg.
• Sun-synchronous orbit is in operation, and it will use a new class of pulsars detector.
• While in orbit satellite will also use the space environment.
• periodic signal emitted by the X-ray signals from pulsars will be used in space.

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