Current Affairs 15 January 2017

Current Affairs
   15 January 2017 Current Affairs

Our moon around 4.51 billion years old

Moon than previous estimates, approximately 14 million years older than 4.51 billion years old. 1971 Apollo 14 mission brought back from the moon after analyzing the minerals zircon, it came out.
Has long been controversy about the age of the moon. University of California-Los Angeles researchers are studying this. Thea Earth and the Moon was formed after a collision with another fierce.
However, in the fierce competition of which were Thea pieces of debris collected in space was gone and it was circling the Earth. According to new research, about 60 million years ago the solar system after the Moon was formed.
Although scientists do not know why Thea and posed a collision between the earth. This finding is very important because it may be helpful to scientists and events.
Barboni eight Rgicon studied. He Rgicon of nature's finest watches. Geological history reveals spotting and their origin.

Thea collision of the Earth and Moon were built liquefied later made concrete. Most scientists think that after the creation of the Moon surface was covered by Magma.
Get it before the age of moon rocks in the study was determined based on the number after the collision there were loose ends.
Melanie Babreni Biswnvidyaly Jiokemist of California said they have identified the minimum age of the moon. The study is published in the journal Science advances.

Ecuador received the chairmanship of the G-77 countries

Ecuador January 14 2017, the United Nations Group of 77 (G-77) received the chairmanship. Ecuador was headed by the G-77 from Thailand.

Upon receipt of the chairmanship of Ecuador President Rafael Koreya said they will continue to spread the social and economic integration. He said it is possible only if poverty, inequality and other evils would conclude. This sovereignty of all countries, will have the opportunity to live with dignity and peace.

Thailand's foreign minister in 2016, said Don Pramudvini Thailand set for 2030 by the United Nations made 17 focus to achieve the goals. It stimulates growth, good governance and bring a better environment to protect the environment will be ready. Thailand announced the baton Supte Ecuador.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guters current G77 said they respect the goals set by the group and believe in.


G-77 was created by a group of developing countries. The construction of various economic and social goals, which were to be achieved jointly by all countries.

G -77 134 developing countries in the United Nations represents, in this group, including China.

China does not officially connected with the G-77, but since 1994 has been the political and economic cooperation.

The name of the group since its inception in the G-77, so named 77 members. 134 Member States joined the Group in November 2013. The group was established in Geneva on June 15, 1964 the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) was in.


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