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Current Affairs
   15 November 2016 Current Affairs

Bannon, chief advisor and Donald Trump Preebs

Newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump, chairman of the Republican National Committee, the Apn staff Preebs Rains Head (Chief of Staff) and election campaign chief strategist appointed CEO Stephen Bannon.
Trump's most prominent advisor in both the White House said.
Both led campaign to elect Donald Trump.
Donald Trump both have the same Pdadikarwale posts.
The two leaders will also cooperate with the Vice-President Mike Pence.
Republican National Committee (Aransi) Preebs Chairman, as Chief of Staff will work with the newly elected Donald Trump.
Bretbat Bannon, who belongs to the conservative news network will be the main strategist.

Senate approval is not required for appointment:

These appointments must receive the consent of Parliament Trump.
Donald Trump on January 20, 2017 as well as the 45th president was sworn in as the office shall become effective on the same day.
According to Donald Trump both experienced leader.


The country's first banking robot Lakshmi started working

November 10, 2016 the country's first banking robot Lakshmi has started to work. City Union Bank in Tamil Nadu Kunbakonm it launched.
This is the first of its kind in the country, robots. It is interactive as well, is able to work faster. Banking took around 6 months to create the robot is Lakshmi.
Robat 125 subjects have been able to answer it. Lakshmi robot amount outstanding from banking account interest rates on home loans would help in subjects.
The largest private sector bank HDFC also questioning customers is working towards making the robot.

City Union Bank MD and CEO of N Commakodi says general asked questions that we have tried to build a robot that could solve the problems associated with the core banking. Deposit money in the account or transaction history as someone asks a question of all the information on his screen will flash.
Lakshmi robot will respond in English language at the moment. For the convenience of customers spontaneous spoken language has been used to understand the customer better.

NSDA also signed MoU with British Council

National Skill Development Agency and the British Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding on November 15 2016. Director of the British Council of India Allen Gemmel and NSDA DG Dr Sunita Chibba signed the MoU.
The MoU NSDA office.

The purpose of the agreement:

The agreement between the two in the field of skills development and collaboration for joint research projects were started.
This cooperation in the field of skills development and strengthening the overall research system research collaboration with various national and international organizations have been encouraging.

Under the agreement, the British Council and the National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) Research Division under the National Skills Research Division (Ansardi) will work together in close collaboration with each other.
Skills in the construction sector for a period of three years research alliances between India and the UK will be built.
The aim of the partnership between the UK and India in the field of skills to share knowledge is.
To promote cooperation in research between the two countries is to develop research capability.

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