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Current Affairs
   16 November 2016 Current Affairs

The task force has been formed to improve ATM

Notbandi discomfort of the people the government has created a task force on November 14, 2016. ATM across the country to adapt to the new notes in circulation is capable of making rapid progress and the Reserve Bank Deputy Governor SS Mundra also chaired the task force has been formed.
Taking notes of Rs 2,000 ATMs as well as to improve the system, their number will be increased.

This whole process is directed agencies to work together so that the distribution of cash and ATM network hardware and software to improve to accelerate anew.
To expedite the process and to relieve the discomfort of people quickly task force is created. ATM networks in mind that the task force will be launched soon.
Eight members of the task force. The Ministry of Finance and Bank staff.


India, China begin the sixth joint training exercises

India-China joint training exercises to be held between "hand in hand" was launched in Pune.

The joint military maneuvers with the Indian Army and the Chinese army is ready to deal with terrorism and emergency situation. Sudhrenge military relationship between India and China and will be prepared to fight terrorism together.

main point:

• 2016 training exercise plan prepared in the battalion headquarters.

• training exercises in both countries will be made by the joint director panel monitor.

• The event will be in three stages. The first phase involves the arms understand and know the different devices.

• The third step is to start training by the combined forces of the two countries.


'Hand in hand' joint exercises between the two countries is to be part of a series of training exercises. The first exercise of this series was held in 2007 in China's Yunnan. The final exercise of this series was held in China in October 2015.


95 million US dollars for the country India has announced two financial projects

November 14, 2016 by the US 9 million to $ 50 million for India has announced two financial projects. The rural area is to provide energy-efficient equipment.
These projects zero and low carbon emission energy sources by the World Continuing efforts are part of. The US Overseas Private Investment Corporation of India for renewable energy projects to invest $ 7 million to 50 million promised.

India and the United States are concerned about:
• India and the US are two nations, during its modern history that a lot of ups and downs in their relationship.
• The two countries have different strategic and ideological reasons are periodically strained relationship.
• Economic cooperation between India and the United States is increasing and is likely to grow more in the coming years.
• Military cooperation between the US and India is increasing.

India International Trade Fair for the first time in 2016. The opening of the hot talents

India International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan in the first by the Ministry of Minority Affairs is being held hot skills. India International Trade Fair, inaugurated in 2016, Union Minister Piyush Goyal hot skills, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and on November 15, 2016 by MJ Akbar.

About Hot skills:

Hot skills in traditional arts and skills from across the country to demonstrate the craftsman said.
Hot skills in the betterment of the country's 26 states and Union Territories are participating craftsman.
'Hot skills' 184 artisans from all parts of the country are participating in 100 pavilions
In this context, the initiative of the Ministry of Minority Affairs.
It is a unique exhibition of traditional Indian art and handicrafts.
According to MJ Akbar hot MOS skills through the art of living is to become involved in the art of living.

Cane and bamboo craft from the North Eastern States Exposition hot work, and embroidered textiles from Uttar Pradesh, bronze artwork, clothing Jrdoi at work, from the southern states of sandalwood and other wood artefacts, handicrafts from Bihar and Jharkhand, West Bengal -odisha the Eluvera, etc. made from neem and tulsi products. Also, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir are also part craftsman.

The exhibition benefits from hot talents:

The exhibition has provided a huge market these artisans.
Hot skills' for artists who participate in the free pavilion has been arranged and the Ministry of crafts and goods movement transportation and daily expenses are also borne
The purpose of the minority artisans hot talent show to support their products.
Providing domestic and international market.
The exhibition minority artisans across the country through domestic and international audience to showcase their skills and art provided a wonderful platform.

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