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   17 November 2016 Current Affairs

Mark Zuckerberg is the highest in the list of Fortune

Fortune was released in 2016 by a new list of the top 50 players in the top ranks of Mark Zuckerberg. Three Indian businessmen have also been named in the list.
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of social networking site Facebook. HDFC Bank Managing Director Aditya Puri has been ranked 36th on the list.

Other Indians in the list:

The three persons of Indian origin are included in the global list.
Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella is fifth in the list.
Ajita Rajendra 34th in the list of AO Smith and MasterCard's Ajay Banga 40th place.
Aditya Puri, India's second largest private sector bank HDFC command since the establishment in 1994 of the year gardening.
Puri led by HDFC Bank has posted a net profit of $ 1.9 billion last year.
Puri, 66, the highest-paid in the country include Bankers.
He has been ranked 36th in the Fortune list.

About Fortune:

Corporate leaders in the list of Fortune's business performance is assessed.

About Mark Zuckerberg:

The full name is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg.
Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984.
The American entrepreneur and co-founded the popular social networking site Facebook are famous for.
Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook-students Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin and Chris Hughes together with.
At that time he was a regular student of the three Harvard University.
Zuckerberg in his Harvard dorm room on 4 February 2004, Facebook launched.


The T-20 World Cup for the blind to India

India January 31, 2017 to 12 February 2017 for the Blind will host the Twenty20 World Cup. Pakistan will take part in it.
The first match of the tournament between India and West Indies will play in Delhi and Bangalore will be in the final.
The other teams in the tournament in Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal teams. Match Delhi, Faridabad, Mumbai, Kochi, Gujarat, Bhubaneswar, Andhra Pradesh and will be played in Bangalore.
T20 Blind Cricket World Cup are brand ambassador Rahul Dravid. Blind Cricket World Cup World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC) is done by.
First Blind Cricket World Cup in India was launched in 1998. The first blind cricket Twenty20 World Cup was held in 2012 in Bangalore.

APEC forum Week started in Lima

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) in Lima, capital of Peru at the South American country has begun. November 14, 2016 November 20, 2016 and will continue until the week began. Forum 21, located in the Pacific Rim countries (countries that are nestled on the shores of the Pacific Ocean), the trader, investor and economic leaders will participate.

The main agenda of the summit:

International trade policies, quality development and the livelihoods of people living in these countries to discuss the future of the improving conditions.

The conference discussed the following topics fundamental principle of Rupee priority

• Promoting the development of human capital
• Small and Mjole- sized enterprises (SMEs) to upgrade
• Enhance regional food market
• Pursue regional economic integration

The Forum will be four major programs:

• Knkluding APEC senior officials meeting (14-15 November): Lewis Ksada Inchaustegui (Luis Quesada Incháustegui) under the chairmanship of APEC SOM Chair in 2016. The main purpose of the meeting was to increase regional productivity, develop new technical measures, employment opportunities creating and improving social and economic development in the region.
• APEC Ministerial Meeting (November 17 to 18): Peru's Minister Ricardo Luna Mendoza (Foreign Minister) and Ferreyros Adurdo Kuhapars (Eduardo Ferreyros Kűppers- Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister) at the meeting chaired by promoting trade and sustainable development the plan was presented to the Forum.
• APEC CEO Summit (17 November 19): Leaders must communicate the week as well as to be. Dialogue organized by the private sector and business leaders in the different regions will be invited to the CEO.
• APEC Economic Leaders Meeting (Nov 20): Peru's President Pedro Pablo Kuchenski (Pedro Pablo Kuczynski) chairperson at a meeting in the region to participate in the vision and direction for the coming year will be provided.

About APEC:

• Asia-Pacific economies in 1989 to support the growing dependency was created.
• In other areas, the creation of regional trade blocs have also contributed to its establishment.
• Promoting free trade in the Asia-Pacific region and wants to bring prosperity among member economies.
• Some member countries are: Australia, USA, Japan, China, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia and New Zealand.
• The annual APEC summit, APEC heads of government of all member countries participate.
• APEC region 57% of the world's GDP and 49% stake in the global trading places.
India is not a member of APEC. Although India has called for the inclusion and the United States, Japan, Australia and the support it received from countries such as Papua New Guinea, but ultimately it was not allowed to join. Pacific Ocean coastal countries, mainly because it does not. However, for the first time in November 2011, it was invited as an observer country.

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