Current Affairs 18 January 2017

Current Affairs
   18 January 2017 Current Affairs

India remained an associate member of CERN

The government of India January 16, 2017 after being agreed by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) Member State to make an ally.

Prior to November 2016, India had signed an agreement with the organization. The agreement Sekhar Basu and CERN Director General of the Atomic Energy Commission was signed by Fabiola Jianoti.

India, being an associate member of CERN data to the right. At an additional cost to be taken by India now CERN will participate in the research. CERN Indian industrialist will also take part in the tenders.

CERN as associate member country each year will have to pay Rs 40 crore.

CERN India relations:

• With regard to India and CERN, which started in 1991 at the time when the two sides signed a cooperation agreement with. The agreement on the various protocols.

• India's Tata Institute of Fundamental Research from 1960 began working with CERN. CERN Institute materialistic were participating actively.

• followed by Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology in 1990 by scientists at CERN, started the partnership.

• The Institute LEP accelerator and L3, WA 93 and WA 89 is built Ditekatars.

• India's Large Hadron Collider scientists in the creation of this work led to him had the opportunity to play a supporting role.

• the contribution made by India in 2002, India was the Observer of CERN Council.

• Aisoeldii been partners in the Indian scientist. It is a high-tech particle detector.

India ranked 78 in the world ranking of passport

Indian passport in the ranking of the world's most influential passport is placed on the bottom. India ranked 78 in the world rankings is the passport. Germany on the first place on the list of 196 countries and Afghanistan had the final.
Otrn Capital Global Rankings' passport index in Germany is in first place with a score of 157 visa-free. Singapore and Sweden in second place. Singapore and Sweden score is 156.
Denmark, France, the UK and the US, including the eight countries are in third place. All of these countries have scores of 155. India is ranked 78th.
India's total score is 48. India's neighbors Pakistan and China respectively ranked 58th and 94th. Afghanistan's total score is 23.

The popular online communication tool of the world rankings of countries based on the convenience of providing visas.
Visa-free score in the rankings indicates that the country is as much score as many countries without a visa or visa-on-arrival to its citizens can enter. India's overall score of 48 in the ranking. This means that his passport without a visa or visa-on-arrival to citizens of 48 countries can enter.


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