Current Affairs 19 January 2017

Current Affairs
   19 January 2017 Current Affairs

Inclusiveness Index, India ranks 60

World Economic Forum (WEF) report an inclusive development index, India is ranked 60th. Forum "Inclusive Growth and Development Report 2017" was released on January 16, 2017.
China and Pakistan, India's neighbor, the index is placed below. The index is based on 12 indicators.
The index is the first place in Lithuania in 79 developing economies. Then Ajrbaijan and Hungary respectively, second and third place.
India is ranked 60th in the index. The fourth place Poland, Romania ranked fifth, sixth place Uruguay, Ltavia seventh, eighth Panama, Costa Rica and Chile 10 ranked ninth. Russia and Brazil in 13th place to 30th place.
However, India's neighbor, China ranked 15, ranked 27 Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan at 52 is ranked 36th. All of the neighbors are better than India.
Accordingly, most countries to strengthen economic growth and reduce inequality are significant opportunities missed. This is because the growth model of policy-making for years and are in compliance with the assessment tools they need to make significant changes.

According to the report happened because policy makers have been using for many years, the growth model, they are outdated and need to change them.

Central government preparation ID card a Universal payment

Based on ID cards to the general public soon become a universal payment. Centre shortly 'Bhim' interface for the Indian Money (BHIM) for payments through the app is a feature set to be launched.

Key Facts:
The app's user base number would be 12 points.
Transactions of this type, including interfaces for-money (BHIM) app based on a payment ID card (ID) will be reported as.
In the process, any bank with biometric authentication or pre-registration or unified payment interface (UPI) will not be required.
Interface For Money (BHIM) app more popular by the central government to make a move that is being.
Nearly a third of the population of India Aadhaar numbers which have been added from their bank accounts.

The method used:
Uaidiai (UIDAI) Banks and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) is working on this together.
you can receive payment.
India interfaces for-money (BHIM) app to send money to any mobile number of the recipient to accept payments and to facilitate unified payment interface (UPI) would have to be registered with.
This process may discourage people illiterate, the base allows a person (or large service providers like plumbers or carpenters Independent Service Provider) basis, linked to the bank account directly to your bank account for your services Hon Apr could receive payments.
Yet India interfaces for-money (BHIM) Opshns- mobile payment app for five numbers, bank account or IFSC (IFSC) and others-are code.
India shortly interface for-money (BHIM) app based on the option that will be the sixth number. Base is a part of the plan to make a payment address.


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