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   20 January 2017 Current Affairs

Spesaks Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched from California

Spesaks aerospace company Falcon 9 rocket from California Vandnberg Air Force Base was successfully launched. Spesaks aerospace company American company.

Earlier in September, the last month of Florida Similar unmanned rocket was launched. Which was not successful and exploded. Next Falcon 9 rocket is the first launch.

Falcon 9 rocket company's co-founder, billionaire CEO Ilon Musk and Tesla Motors' space project is a part of a private company. The Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Iridium communication satellites for commercial space in the 10's on a mission, 70 percent of these satellites, which plans to set up at the beginning of the 2018's.

In early January the Falcon 9 rocket launch was planned to be strong winds and rains but the plan could not be carried out.

Falcon 9 rocket about:
Falcon 9 rocket was launched January 14, 2017 at 5:54 in the evening.
Falcon 9 rocket Israeli company for Spescom Amos 6 satellite is carrying.
Falcon 9 rocket launch satellites from the US, Europe, Africa and the Middle East to provide satellite communication services said.
Also, the satellite communication capabilities, will further the Israeli government.

Satellite about:
Natural satellite known as the Moon. Spaceflight (spaceflight), in reference to the satellite is an object.
The human (human) through the technical effort orbit (orbit) has been installed in.
Founded by human natural satellites satellites (natural satellite) from Moon to such artificial satellites called.

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