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Current Affairs
   20 November 2016 Current Affairs

Climate Change Performance Index, India ranks 20

Climate Change Performance Index (Siseepiai) in 2017, is India's 20th number. This index number is Argentina 36th and Brazil 40th.
Siseepiai India's ranking in the index is seen as a positive change. Several other countries, including India, the world's energy revolution are encouraging steps, the necessary energy revolution is yet to be.
Siseepai India's ranking shows that a country like India in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency is the big effort.

Jrmnwac and Climate Action Network Europe has published the report. The recent global report after the implementation of the agreement has been a historic Paris.
Among 191 countries in Paris on Climate Change was agreed. A year after the agreement on the deal was approved by India.
Scientists say that temperatures above 2 degrees could be a major shift in the earth's climate. The agreement to keep global warming to less than 2 ° C is indicated.


The list of the fastest supercomputers in China topped the 8th time

China's supercomputer 'Sunway Taahulait' through eighth consecutive top the list of the world's fastest supercomputers capturing position is maintained.
The official Xinhua news agency released on November 14, 2016 Top 500 supercomputers list of the latest half.
The world's fastest supercomputer giant supercomputer Taahulait explained. 9.3 million billion calculations per second, this supercomputer can.
It was completely made in China has been helping processors.

Taahulait came in June. Then it was replaced by former winner Tianhe -2. He was also a Chinese computer and was based on Intel chips.
Taahulait 9.3 million billion calculations per second can. This is three times faster than the Tianhe-2. Tianhe-2 in the first place the last three years, was placed on the top 500 list.
China imposed overtaken the US in terms of number of supercomputers was. Now it is the first time that the US has not won the title in any category. The index was launched 23 years ago.


Indian Navy sonar system developed by DRDO four covers

Indian Navy sonar system developed November 18 to four in 2016, the Navy formally involved. The Navy's ability to monitor the system will escalate the water inside.
Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar handed over to the Indian Navy, DRDO scored four systems. NPOL DRDO laboratory in Kochi-based system has been designed and developed.

These four systems are:

Abbey: monitoring will be to use it in the shallow waters.
Hamsa UG: Hamsa sonar system is the upgraded version.
Ansis: This is the Near Field Acoustic Characterization System.
Aaidiss: This is a distress Sonar System for Submarines. It has sound systems for emergency.
What is Sonar?
Sonar is a technique which shipping, underwater communications and underwater or on the surface to detect objects that uses sound transmission

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