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   22 January 2017 Current Affairs

Motherson Sumi PKC of Finland announced the purchase of 4,150 crore

Vehicle equipment maker Sumi Systems Ltd (Mssel) the Finnish company PKC Group Plc (PKC) has announced the purchase from. The assessment in this Agreement 57.1 million euros (a little over Rs 4,150 crore) will be exchanged.
Sumi Systems Ltd (Mssel) 57.1 million euros for the purchase of the entire stake of PKC (over Rs 4,150 crore) is proposed.

Vehicle equipment in the agreement on behalf of the largest acquisitions by an Indian company would be counted. Vehicles set PKC manufactures wiring that goes into the power circuit.
Sumi Systems Ltd (Mssel) PKC Group shares yesterday, according to the Board of Directors for the proposal to allow open offer itself. PKC Group's shareholders 23.55 euros per share being offered.
Finnish PKC Group shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market Helesinki. Trade agreement between the two companies to merge has become already.
The acquisition Sumi Systems Ltd (Mssel) Jan is set through a proposed subsidiary. The shares of the company will remain with the company.

Sumi Systems Ltd (Mssel) chief Vivek Chand Sehgal was working on the global level, both teams (companies) generated by the addition of exciting possibilities become. This will benefit their clients.
More and more places in the world, the company will expand. The company will be able to expand its services.

Preparation of M & M's large purchases abroad
Automobile manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra is also planning large purchases abroad. Automobile manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra's auto company Hisarlr in Turkey to 75 per cent at Rs 127 crore is ready to purchase. Hisarlr acquired by the M & M is expected to be completed in 3 months. M & M's distribution network to get through Hisarlr Turkey and Europe, the company's agricultural machinery business and will be even stronger.

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