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   22 November 2016 Current Affairs

World Television Day was celebrated on November 21, 2016

World Television Day was celebrated worldwide on November 21, 2016. Joint UN General Assembly on November 21 as World Television Day to commemorate Resolution 17 December 1996 took. The same year, the first World Television Forum was held on the day.
Threats to peace and security in the world, to draw public attention and to focus on other important economic and social issues, it was decided in view of the increasing role of the TV.

World TV launched in India:

Some words of ancient Greek and Latin word Vijio including words tele built.
Tele-off means and means Vijio-see.
TV pilot experiment was launched in the first decade of the 1920s. After World War II it was popular.
January 26, 1926 by the Scottish engineer JL Baird demonstrated television broadcast. Therefore, they are considered to be the inventor of the TV.
He then July 3, 1928 showed the experimental broadcast of CTV.
Another demonstration of electronic television September 7, 1927 in San Francisco was the American city.
Its development was led by 21-year old inventor Philo Taylor fransworth.
Also created the world's first working television system fransworth Philo.
General Electric factory in New York 13 January 1928 on a pilot basis for the first set of a TV station.
November 2, 1936, the BBC World TV for the first time in the public service started.
Color TV in the US in 1953 was broadcast entirely.
According to the figures of the world by 2009, nearly 78 per cent households have at least one TV set to Numan.
In 2013, around 87 per cent of the world total TV sales, LCD TV's.
Indian TV debut September 15, 1959 was launched by New Delhi.
Daily broadcasts began in 1965 under the All India Radio.
In India, the All India Radio in 1976 and was separated from the TV broadcast.
National Broadcasting was introduced in the country in 1982 and that same year saw the introduction of color TV broadcasting.
Television worldwide awareness of problems and burning issues, and public opinion poll in the world, to broadcast news and information, debates, discussions and organizing world peace, development is a powerful medium to deliver the message.


Agni 1 missile was tested successfully in Odisha

Made in India medium-range ballistic missile Agni-1 was tested successfully on November 22, 2016. Nuclear-capable missile Agni-1 test was test range in Orissa, located on the coastal side.

Key Facts:

Nuclear-capable ballistic missile Agni -1.
Agni ballistic missile has been inducted into the armed forces -1.
The surface-to-surface missile hit is propelled by solid fuel.
The 12-tonne and 15 meter-art technology has been incorporated into the missile.
A major ballistic missile Agni-1 missile development laboratory of DRDO 'Advanced Systems Laboratory, "developed by.
The work of Defence Research and Development Laboratory and Research Center building also cooperated with Bharat Dynamics Limited, Hyderabad.

About Missile:

Ballistic missile firepower of 700 kilometers.
The missile is manufactured indigenously missile with nuclear capability.
It can take more than a ton of weight.
The load can be increased by reducing its firepower.
The ballistic missile equipped with a special navigation system, the enemy's precision in targeting Skhm.

Kimberly Process certification scheme in 2018 was elected Vice President of India

India on November 19, 2016 Kimberly Process Certificate Scheme (Kepisis) of 2018 to 2019, vice-president and was elected president of Kepisis. The announcement was made during the meeting in Dubai Planri KP. Earlier, India in 2008, KP Chair (Chair of KP) was made.
Kimberly Process certification scheme in the event of India:
• Kimberly Process Certification Scheme for rough diamonds under the Member States in order to be able to deliver on the ship loading of the certificate is to meet the requirements.
• India Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (Kepisis) is one of the founding members.
• Commerce Department under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry administers the plan.
• Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) scheme Section IV (B) is under the authority of export and import.

Fire a missile, Agni-II missile is single stage version.
The first test was on January 25, 2002.

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