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   23 December 2016 Current Affairs

ALIMCO England Motivation Charitable Trust signed an agreement with TOT

Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO) Motivation Charitable Trust of England, with the wheelchair manufacturing technology transfer (TOT) have signed an agreement to.
ALIMCO working under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is the prosthetic manufacturer corporation. Under the agreement, the UK-based Active wheelchair Motivation Charitable Trust in India in the field of manufacturing technology transfer (TOT) will provide the consultancy services.
The agreement signed in April last year a Memorandum of Understanding between the two firms in order is a step forward. Sarin and I ALIMCO MOU CMD DR. Motivation Trust UK was signed by chief executive Richard Frost.

Contract Highlights:

  • Indian company and I ALIMCO agreement. Motivation Trust in compliance with WHO guidelines for cooperation in the construction of affordable and superior quality will provide the opportunity wheelchairs.
  • Under the agreement, the UK's Rough Terrain Motivation Motivation Active folding wheelchairs and wheelchair have been proposed for the technology transfer.
  • ALIMCO motivation for testing the user has purchased 140 products.
  • Motivation ALIMCO least 20 percent of the UK company will purchase quantum.
  • According to the agreement ALIMCO motivation to train staff who will train other individuals ALIMCO later.
  • Motivation in India for services provided in the various camps set up by ALIMCO 5 supervisors also will deploy at various sites.
  • ALIMCO affordable and cost-effective technology transfer from wheelchairs will be able to produce.
  • Production of technologically advanced wheelchairs PWD in the country's self-sufficiency and mobility for all sections of society will progress.
  • Under this contract in India ALIMCO product made by India, the products imported from China will also gradually decrease.

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