Current Affairs 23 January 2017

Current Affairs
   23 January 2017 Current Affairs

Based on the central government for rural app launched

In rural areas, poor and illiterate people between the central government to promote digital payment based on the app is launched. Depending on the application, by means of digital fingerprint Fainenshiyl transaction can be completed.

Depending on the application you are using, based on the pre-trade version of the payment system is enabled. The password and PIN are required to use the app, based on the previous card transactions online and the option could become prevalent.

Using the process:
Depending on the app, customers simply through their base number for cashless payment, the payment is to be the name of the bank and will need to give your fingerprint.
To pay through the app, requiring just a normal Android phone and businessman must find Bayomatrink device. The market price is around Rs 2,000.
Depending on the app without a card and PIN number will be digital transactions.
Depending on the app, the Centre for Banco Popular 30-40 per branch ordered traders to enroll. The merchant can provide their customers the convenience of cashless payment.

The government plans to encourage:
Based on the central government's plan to encourage app that traders using longer depending on the application should be granted incentives.
The cost of the central government at the earliest merchant through incentive pay, leaving him more time using this medium can provide customers the convenience of cashless payment.

Based on the application of:
Enabled payment system based on grounds other than through digital payment is more secure and simple.

The Union Cabinet today approved a radical plan to boost rural housing

Chaired by the Prime Minister on January 24, 2017, by the Union Cabinet to promote rural development in the country has approved a radical plan.
Under this scheme, the government will provide interest subsidy. Interest subsidies will be available for the rural family, which the Prime Minister of Rural Housing Scheme (Pimawai-G) is not covered.
Under the scheme, new houses in rural areas, people will be able to create or expand their existing concrete houses.
Two lakh beneficiaries under the scheme up to the borrower interest on the loan amount to be subsidized.
The scheme will benefit a large number of rural and long-term loan for 24 years will receive.

NHB will implement this plan. Government, National Housing Bank will provide 3 percent interest subsidy directly, and instead of the current price, the amount of interest subsidy primary lending institutions (scheduled commercial banks, non-banking finance companies, etc.) will transfer.
As a result, beneficiaries will reduce the monthly installment.
Under the plan, the government through the current arrangements, including the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme beneficiaries technical support necessary measures in coordination with the village said.
Under the new plan, with improved housing units in rural areas, will also create jobs in the rural housing sector.


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