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   23 November 2016 Current Affairs

Princess of Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhar World Sanskrit Award

Princess of Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhar November 21 2016, was awarded the first World Sanskrit. In 2015, for the promotion of Sanskrit language were honored for contributions has been exemplary. On the other hand Bartvid American linguist and professor George Cardona was also honored. In 2016, he received the honor. Vice President Hamid Ansari at a function held in New Delhi and Professor Cardona Princess Sirindhar awarded this honor. World Sanskrit Award established ICCR (ICCR) was.

Maha Chakri Sirindhar about:

• Princess of Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhar second daughter of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
• 5 December 1977, at a celebration of the princess was awarded Pdwi.
• They Chulakhomklao teaches in the history department of the Royal Military Academy.
• They are Thai, English, French and speaks Chinese. They are currently studying German and Latin.
• Further encouraging the skilled artist and Thailand eager to provide the traditional music.
• In 2004, Indira Gandhi Peace, Disarmament and Development was awarded.
• They were held in Bangkok in 2015, the 16th World Sanskrit Conference, was the royal patron.


India and Switzerland signed a joint declaration on implementation of Aioai

India and Switzerland between automatic information exchange (Aioai) implementation of the Joint Declaration was signed.

Joint Declaration by the Board of India (CBDT) chairman Sushil Chandra in India on behalf of the Swiss Government and the Swiss Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission of the Information Giles Rodut automatic exchange - providing (Aioai) signed.

Joint Declaration of the advantages:

Switzerland now opened in 2018 as a result of the financial transaction information of the accounts of Indian nationals in September 2019, followed by India itself will begin to meet.
Black money stashed in foreign accounts to eliminate the major priority of the current government.
The joint statement of the Federal Council of the Federal Act on the Implementation of the Act Aioai.
It particularly refers to the accounts of other financial institutions, and the exemption for Swiss financial institutions providing information relating to the assets and liabilities and details of the requirements are regulated.
Further information on the implementation of the Joint Declaration are provisions in the automatic exchange is necessary.
Of tax information with Switzerland automatic exchange agreement with India will help curb the flow of illegal money.


The government in May 2016. Notifications automatic exchange was planned ordinance.
The Swiss Federal Council information in tax matters internationally automatic exchange (Aioai Act) at the time the agreement was expressed ordinance.
Aioai 100 countries and jurisdictions, including India, the standard for implementation of the Global Forum on transparency and exchange of tax information associated with their intention to disclose.
Switzerland before the introduction Aioai signed an agreement with the European Union.
Msiaa with many other countries and jurisdictions based on the joint declaration.

Jack Brown Makloren technology group executive director appointed

November 21, 2016, Jack Brown Makloren Technology Group company, announced the creation of a new executive director. Makloren in November 2016 from his position as Chairman and Chief Executive Ron Dennis after the forced removal of Brown has been selected for the post.
Jack Brown:
• Jack Brown, former professional racing driver.
• the world's largest motorsports marketing agency Just Marketing International's founder and CEO.
• In 2013, CSM Sport & Entertainment, was acquired by the Jemai. Jemai was established in 1995.

Makloren Technology Group about:

• Makloren Technologies Working Group of the United Kingdom, in Surrey is a British Knglamret.
• Makloren Formula One team in 1981 after the acquisition was founded by Dennis Ross.
• Mansoor Ozzeh tag because of the involvement with the group at the beginning of the group name tag was Makloren Group.
• In 2003, its name was Makloren Group. In 2015, once again changed its name and became Makloren Technology Group.
• New Zealand's Bruce Makloren Originally built in 1963, was established by the Formula One team.
• The UK's third largest in terms of revenue is Knglamret.

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