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   24 November 2016 Current Affairs

47th IFFI Barco projection technique used to create the first film festival

For the first time in the 47th edition of International Film Festival of India Barco laser projection technology (Barco's Laser Projection Technology) was used.
Barco laser projection technology to provide superior image quality to the intended audience. All films in the 47th IFFI is being performed through the same technology.

IFFI this successful technology to set the trend in India has become the first film festival. IFFI film festival in the country, is setting the standards.

Barco laser projection technology about:

The laser Fosfor Barco digital projector (DP2K-20CLP) cost savings and a better viewing experience, as well as provides several other advantages.
It is simple enough to operate the projector.
It's fast, slow, regular lamp-based light source (Regular Lamp based light source) DP2K-20CLP blue laser technology instead of functions.
Fosfor wheels through the design and creation of colors are used.
Barco's Indian arm to serve as Technical Cooperation with the IFFI is very excited.
Barco opportunity to enable it to perform as well as new technology would offer the best visual performance.
IFFI screening in 2016 are being used by this model is the best quality and image quality is extremely clear.
This laser projector Fosfor Resolution 2048x1080 pixels and offers can be operated with any 3D tool. DP2K-20CLP unique cooling system and 50 per cent of electricity in its ability to work over 30,000 hours lifetime of the projector makes it cost-effective from the perspective of cost.


Palampur Himachal Pradesh assembly constituency, the first e-making

Palampur in Kangra district, constituency, HP became the country's first e-assembly. This e - system Nov 22. 2016 opening ceremony in Palampur Brij Bihari Lal Butail by state Assembly Speaker.

The residents of the constituency system via a click on the computer development oriented policies of the government will find.
Residents of constituency funds for various schemes in their own areas, can send about the requirements online.
The system 67 constituencies in the state in the next six months would be too smooth.

Note: the e-system conversion in Palampur constituency Centre for Mission India Himachal Pradesh government's commitment to digital displays.

Note: Palampur in Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly adopt the system for paperless e, is India's first assembly.
This e-legislation in the Assembly through the system daily to the public about the functioning of the automatic information will get.

The system was launched with the following objectives:

• The system can be reduced through the use of paper.
• It will help to enhance online communication.
• E system will also help to optimize the environment through.
• delays in the information flow between the various stakeholders responsible for the removal of unnecessary procedures will be instrumental in this system.
• E system will be improved through the work efficiency.
• Questions and reports Swati: compilation will be.
• Assembly and other government departments would be helpful in monitoring.
• the start of the system of constituency development plans and other actions to assess and review will be on the Internet and mobile phones
• The implementation of the system development will accelerate information access and transparency to the common man will also
E-legislation in the State Assembly to implement the system is saving of Rs 15 crore every year.
• legislation to implement e-government national assembly complex at Tapovan has agreed to make the e-legislation academy.
• the establishment of the Academy of country MPs, MLAs and officials will receive training in the e-legislation.
• E-Legislation to launch mobile app HP became the first state in the country.


Cabinet Merchant Shipping Bill, 2016, approved

Cabinet to Parliament on November 23 2016 Merchant Shipping Bill, 2016, be approved. Additionally, the Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 and the coastal vessel Act, 1838 approved the cancellation. Merchant Shipping Act, 1958 was amended 17 times between 1966 and 2014, which caused more than 560 clauses had became. However, these provisions reduce the bill 280 is rolled up into sections.

Provisions of the bill:

• The original-owned ships and Beyrbot-low-Dimais (Bibiseedi) Indian flag vessels as ships have been allowed to register.
• It takes into Indian-controlled tonnage separate category.
• The Indian flag vessels for coastal operations, licenses and clearance by customs authorities at the port allows.
• developing coastal shipping and to encourage it to make the point that different rules for coastal vessels.
• Sumdrai rescue from the clutches of bandits and to get home safely by giving wages to provide for the welfare of seafarers.
• fish caught, including sailing ships and crew members working on the owners to insure ships directs. It will apply to the net tonnage of vessels of less than 15 tons.
• It says that the crew is no longer required by the agreement to be signed.
• Do not, under any law for the ships it talks of some residual category registration and makes provision for the safety-related aspects.
• It contains provisions relating to seven different conventions-the interference Conference 1969 search and rescue conference in 1979 for the prevention of pollution from ships marine pollution conference under the protocol, the ship's basalt and sediment control and water management conference 2004 conference 2007 Nairobi prevention debris, junk conference bunker oil pollution damage 1989 and the international convention for 2001.
• The Indian shipbuilding industry to facilitate simplified regime for the queen of the survey ships, inspection and certification facilities.


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