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   26 November 2016 Current Affairs

Centre, 90720 million for the expansion of the fleet of the Indian Air Force signed nine contracts

The Centre for the IAF's fleet expansion and modernization of 90 720 million have signed nine contracts.

Under the agreement, the purpose fighter aircraft, trainer aircraft, transport aircraft and attack helicopters and heavy lift contracts were signed for.

About the agreement:

Further expansion and modernization requirements of the Indian Air Force to meet the last three years and the current year 40 cases requiring approval (Aoan) were provided.
The agreements approved funds of 201 133 crore.

Various types of aircraft and helicopters, including procurement Aoan.
'Make in India' initiative in regard to the last three years and current year approved requiring approval (Aoan) valued at Rs 71 509 in 22 matters.
It will be finalized contracts with Indian vendors.
According to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar government for the expansion and modernization of the fleet of the Indian Air Force is pursuing the process.


The new peace agreement in Colombia

Fark Colombian government and rebels to end the conflict in the former-standing contentious peace agreement signed revised.
Which will be sent to Congress for approval, despite strong opposition. The conflict between the Colombian government and the rebels Fark is half a century old.

President Juan Manuel Santos and guerrilla leader Rodrigo 'Timochenco' Londono, who used the pen cartridge comprising a simple ceremony in the capital, Bogotá, signed the new agreement. Even before has been signed between the two.


The original agreement was signed in September, amid much fanfare.
Last month, voters in the referendum surprisingly rejected.
After this agreement, the negotiators had to start again.

Critics panned the new agreement between the Colombian people will not vote.
The modifications to the agreement in the original approach, is erased.
The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fark) for war crimes by the still seeks forgiveness.
Efforts to end the conflict, who won this year's Nobel Peace Prize, according to the new agreement, the original agreement is better than Santos.


Senior journalist Dileep died Pdganvkr

The former editor of the Times of India journalist Dilip Pdganvkr died in Pune on November 25, 2016. 72-year-old had been unwell for the past several weeks Pdganvkr. Pdganvkr Jammu and Kashmir was a member of the three-member negotiating group.

Ruby Hall Clinic, according to the medical service department director Sanjay Pathare Pdganvkr November 18 Prayag hospital in critical condition were flown here from Ruby Hall Clinic.

Dilip Pdganvkr about:

Dilip Pdganvkr was born in 1944 in Pune.
Pdganvkr St. Vincent High School and later completed his education at Fergusson College, received a bachelor's degree in Political Science.
Pdganvkr took up journalism at the very young age.
PhD in 1968. After the Paris correspondent of the Times of India joined in.
In 1988 before becoming the editor of the Times of India, he worked in various capacities in the same daily.
Editor, a post he held for six years in a row.
From 1978 to 1986, he worked with UNESCO Bangkok and Paris.
Continued unrest in the valley in 2008 by the Jammu and Kashmir government constituted a three-member negotiating group also covers them.

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