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Current Affairs
   27 November 2016 Current Affairs

The initial election to the presidency Francois Filn won

Former Prime Minister of France Francois Filn the early presidential elections in France have won. Alain Juppe his opponent (Alain Juppe) defeated the huge margin. Juppe 30.5% of the votes against 69.5% of the votes close to them.
President of the National Front leader Marine Le Pen in the last round will be against. The elections will be held in 2017.
Filn political campaign on promises of economic recovery mainly Ird- completely revolved while adopting the middle path and Loklubhavne Juppe's campaign promises to alert people used to be.

Filn promises made in the campaign:
• Government spending cuts
• To minimize immigration
• support traditional family values
• President Vladimir Putin and his friendly relations with Russia
When it comes to the economy then Juppe's idealism is more or less mirrored Filn matches to reduce the number of public servants, such as, increasing the retirement age from 62 to 65 years and the tradition of working over 35 hours a week etc.
His idealism was entirely different in Russia because they think that rather than extend the hand of friendship to Russia and France should make more pressure on Putin.

The country's ethnic, religious and social diversity was more tolerant attitude towards Juppe perhaps because of which had the early lead. However, in the last few weeks due to an unprecedented increase in the number of supporters of Filn they lost the election.
Filn his biggest challenge now endures. His rival campaign against Le Pen Location- (anti-establishment campaign) are running and their targets are mainly immigrants, France and the European Union's large Muslim minority. Current President Francois Hollande's election race next year not about himself or has not announced yet.
However, until the elections, former Prime Minister of France, 62, 2007- 2012 Filn incredibly good chance of winning the presidential election can be.


Melting of the Arctic ice cap could be catastrophic climate change

Scientists have warned that the Arctic ice cap melting faster in the region 19 'tipping points' is the danger of triggering. Arctic Risailens report of a warming Arctic climate change is rampant in the world. It's remote location may be affected by the Indian Ocean and the results can be devastating.
The Arctic region is currently around 20 °, which is much more predictable. Also last year, compared with the extent of sea ice is at its minimum level.
Such tipping points occur when sudden changes in natural systems covered bike and take a deep impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Effects are often irreversible.
In this case, the tipping point, which is involved in the development of dense vegetation on the arctic tundra vegetation, ice and Hipat take place, instead they tend to absorb more heat and consequently potent greenhouse gas, methane seems to get more volume.

This process will cause a change in the distribution of ice to the ocean will warm. Such as global climate change, which will result from the continent of Asia monsoon will also be affected. This will impact on the life of the world and the Arctic Ocean fisheries chain will collapse. The worst effects in the Arctic region and will have on people living around.
Six universities, including the Arctic Council and the Arctic Risailens report to be prepared by 11 organizations, has come at the perfect time. So for the rest of the world climate change is a subject of great concern, the US President-elect Donald Trump climate change by NASA and other federal agencies are being used for space exploration budget reallocation plan are.


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