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China AWACS missile system tested

China's air force to shoot from the sky in the sky is a missile test. China's air force missile is capable of hitting 400 kilometers.
Aerial refueling aircraft missile living off the battlefield as a key target can hit targets.
Chinese newspaper China Daily "According to the Chinese Air Force in the sky of the sky in Yuddhabyas army to kill and beyond visual range missile test that contains a picture is released online. The picture on the website of China the People's Liberation Army has been loaded up.

In November the northwestern desert air combat exercises over the Red Sword 2016 during a J-11B twin-engine jet is shown carrying a large missile.

About Missile:
The missile has a length of 22 meters, which is a quarter of a long flight.
According to the Air Force in the war exercise was attended by about 100 planes and Wayurcsha and electronic units.
A tool of the Chinese Air Force, according to researcher Fu Cianshao China has developed a new missile early warning systems and aerial refueling aircraft, AWACS that can hit targets as key targets.
Cianshao the sky of the sky in different countries yet to hit the missiles are being hired to kill most of them are capable of up to 100 kilometers.
Ramjet missile launched from a new type of access is 200 kilometers.
All because of its short distance to take on AWACS systems are unsuitable.
Long-range missiles into the sky from the ground to the face of this limitation.
Posted a spot on the ground are flying off aircraft missile firings can not.

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