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China opened the world's longest bullet train line

China on December 29, 2016 is the world's longest bullet train line runs. The maximum speed of 330 kilometers per hour on the train route has been set.
Shanghai-Kunming railway line, about 2 thousand 252 kilometers long. The line in China's central Henan province in eastern Jiangsu province Jengjau longest line connecting Suju.

Shanghai-Kunming railway line about:

The railway line to the south and western part of China, eastern part of the country have attempted to add.
In the southern and western part of China is considered underdeveloped.
The Shanghai-Kunming line train will connect the five provinces of China.
Jhijiang in these provinces, Jianjhi, Hunan, and Unn are Gujhu. The train will pass through these regions.
China's capital Beijing and the southern metropolis Guangzhou railway line connects.
The new rail route between the two cities is the longer distance of about eight hours.
According to the China Railway Corporation to travel on this route used to take 34 hours. This new route after the 2 thousand 252 kilometer journey will be completed in just 11 hours.

According to China's Ministry of Railways on the route, 155 pairs of trains per day will be conducted at the weekend trips and additional trains will be conducted at the preferred time.
By 2015, the railroad has been set a target of achieving Hong Kong.

China high-speed railway line:

So far, more than 20 thousand kilometers in China high-speed railway line has been drawn.
China's government in the country of 45 thousand kilometers per year by 2030 to build high-speed rail line is targeting.
China's high-speed rail line between Beijing and Guangzhou city since the beginning of the high-speed rail route length of 9300 km in China now exceeds the total of 35 in this railway line will pause.


Construction of the line was launched in December 2012.
Shanghai-Kunming railway line was launched in April 2016 the pilot operations.
China, India and other countries markets its bullet train network in Japan is competing for slots.
In India, the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed train contract for construction has been to Japan, while China's bullet train between Chennai and New Delhi is working on the viability of operations.
America, China and Russia after India's rail network is the world's fourth largest rail network.

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