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   30 November 2016 Current Affairs

145 howitzer gun purchase agreement between the US and India approved

Between India and the US on November 30, 2016 approved the purchase agreement of 145 howitzer guns. Between India and the US signed the agreement in 5000 were Rs.

Under the agreement, 145 M777 light howitzer guns will be purchased will be deployed on the border with China. Cabinet Committee on Security approved the agreement.

The 15th Indo-US military cooperation agreement Group (MCG) was during the two-day meeting.

Howitzer Cannon:

• They are known as the M777 light guns.

• Titanium is used in their manufacture. It is 25 kilometers precise aiming.

• It weighs about 4,200 kilograms while before joining the Indian Army's Bofors cannon weighs 13,100 kg.

• The US Canada, Australia, India decided to sell.

• The target can be set according to the height.


Since the year 1980, the Indian Army was not a new cannon. In June 2006, the US talks with the Indian government to buy Howitzer cannon started. At that time the price was $ 885 million. Thereafter, these guns from the US in May 2015, India expressed pleaded. The agreement by the Government of India for military modernization program by 2027 was ongoing. The program is expected to be spent on the Rs one lakh crore.

Indo-US Military Cooperation Group (MCG):

MCG formed US-India strategic level between the two countries and the US Pacific Command, Integrated Defence Staff is designed for cooperation in central defense. The meeting was co-chaired by US Lt. Gen. David H.. Berger, commander of US Marine Corps Forces Pacific Lt Gen Satish Dua participated. 260-member delegation of the US armed forces joined the headquarters of the three services.


HP palace cashless system adopted by the Prime Minister's appeal

November 30, 2016 by HP Raj Bhavan cashless system for all types of payments adopted. Himachal Pradesh Governor Debabrata Acharya issued directives to the officials, the king's palace in the cashless payments to or from Czech urged.

In this regard, the Prime Minister issued the directive was to appeal to all states.

According to the report, all of Raj Bhavan to be paid online, Czech or e-payment would be made.

In addition, the state's governor Debabrata students, teachers and NGO executives urged adoption of cashless systems.

Himachal Pradesh is the first state where the palaces of the cashless system was officially adopted.

Andhra Pradesh government for cashless payments by mobile wallet 'AP purse' is also being built. Cashless payments for the citizens of the state incentives. This was announced by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.


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