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Current Affairs
   14 October 2016 Current Affairs
Standard Chartered Bank has tied up with Uber
Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) October 10, 2016, has tied up with Uber taxi service provider for providing special offers to settle. According to the agreement, the bank's credit card holders will be given in six countries to 25 percent cash back.

Standard Chartered Bank in India to travel to recover 20 percent of the card holder will receive cash back. In addition, customers traveling from the first recovered Rs 50 discount for the first three will ride.

It offers all of SCB cardholders will be valid for the October 2016-September 30, 2017. Apart from India, it offers Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam will also be provided.

The two companies is the multi-marketing partnership.

Standard Chartered Bank:

• Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore employs more than 84,000 worldwide. It is almost 150 years old bank.

• In 1859, it opened its first branch in Singapore. In 1999, the qualifying full bank license (Kyuefbi) received.

• Singapore 7 October 2013 Retail and SME business was transferred to Standard Chartered Bank Limited.

• After transferring the deposit taking, wealth management services, personal loans, credit cards, auto financing, and for the services of Standard Chartered Bank have been conducted.


The Cabinet also approved the establishment of IIM in Jammu
The Union Cabinet on October 13 2016 in Jammu, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) approved the establishment. Recently the old Government College of Engineering and Technology at the temporary premises of the Institute will be launched.
The study will begin in the 2016-17 academic year. Kashmir will be opened later in the outdoor complex. Temporary campus from 2016 to 2020 the cost of operation of the project would be Rs 61.90 crore.

Key Facts:

• Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Management at the current session in a total of 54 people will be admitted student in the fourth year and the number will reach 120.

• permanent premises are being attached to the detailed project report and then we will begin to set up premises.

• According to the Cabinet decision "in Jammu and Kashmir in the outdoor complex open campus also will be taken in the direction of opening.
• Cabinet Societies Registration Act, 1860 also approved the formation of the IIM society Jammu.
• operation and management of the IIM J will be done through the Board of Governors of the Society. The central government will be formed.
• The board shall conduct the work of the administration and the establishment of the Institute and will be responsible for the operation.

• The decision of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir is part of the development package. It opened the Institute, opened in Jammu IIT, NIT Srinagar modernization, one each in Jammu and Kashmir state from Ames opened to meet the need of high-level education in the life and long-term help.


• Indian Institute of Management, the nation's leading education and training in the field of management education and knowledge management in the allied sector globally benchmarked processes that provide the best quality education institutions.

• At present, there are 19 IIMs. Of these, 13 IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode, Shillong, Ranchi, Raipur, Rohtak, Kashipur, Trichy, Udaipur. The other six IIMs were started in 2015. These Amritsar, Sirmour, Nagpur, Bodhgaya, located in Sambalpur and Visakhapatnam.


The government approved the MoU between Exim Bank and NDB
October 13, 2016, the Central Government of India, the Export-Import Bank (EXIM Bank) and the New Development Bank (NDB) approved the MOU. The main aim of the agreement between member countries is to strengthen trade and economic ties. The BRICS member countries and other financial institutions.

The new system, by the Department of Economic Affairs Secretary and Secretary of Exim Bank will function at the same level.

Main features:

• It is a non-binding agreement under which member states are not obliged to sign.

• Its purpose is to create a framework of national laws and cooperative exchange of information is to provide for skill development.

NDB establish closer ties with the BRICS states. Enhancing economic cooperation among member countries of the organization is a strong medium. India can play an important role at the international level by.

The agreement requires:

Economic and trade relations between the member states to improve the BRICS Interbank Cooperation Mechanism established jointly by five banks. BRICS Interbank Cooperation Mechanism signed the MOU with the general support for the proposed NDB.

Ministry of Railways in Odisha, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for two new railway line projects
Odisha for construction of two new railway line between Ministry of Railways and the state government to share the costs borne by the Memorandum of Understanding signed ways.
The two railway lines Jepore (Jeypore) - Malkangiri and Nabarangpur Jepore.

About the agreement:

Jepore-Nabarangpur railway line 38 kilometers long and fifty per cent of the state government will bear the expenses incurred in this line.
130 km long railway line Japor-malkangiri 25 per cent and its total cost will be borne by the state government.
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in the presence of agreement was signed in Delhi.

Odisha will boost tourism:

Adding new areas of Orissa railway will lead to trade and tourism.
Indian Railways various parts of Odisha laying a rail line plan is working faster.
According to the minister in the states concerned States to promote a joint venture with the railways are being built.
Bhubaneswar in Orissa, including 11 stations proposed to be renovated.
To promote tourism in Odisha through IRCTC railway is working on specific plans. Railways will also set up a factory in Kalahandi rail.

The first major investment in the rail Odisha:

Rail connectivity is significantly lower than the national average in Odisha.
4880 crore by the Railways in Odisha first new project is planned.

about the project :
Jepore-malkangiri detailed project report has been prepared.
DPR Japor-Nabarangpur railway line is being worked on. 130 km long railway line Jepore-Malkangiri Koraput and Malkangiri The line will pass through remote areas of the district.
Jepore-Malkangiri and Nabarangpur Japor-railway connecting tribal areas.
The line passing through the hills and dense forests are proposed to be built on the 12 railway station.


Released the world's most vulnerable countries
October 14, 2016 World Economic Forum Global Travel and Tourism Reports' list of the world's most vulnerable countries, was released. India was ranked 13, while Pakistan is fourth in terms of vulnerability.
In addition, most perfect country in terms of security which was released in Finland was ranked first. Finland received 67 points and the first place, while Qatar was second with 6.61 points.

Of the 15 countries included in the vulnerable countries, while the names of the 10 countries included in the list of safe countries.

The long list of former US intelligence think tank survey released by Intelsentr 'Country Threat Index for Pakistan the most dangerous country in the world told the 5th. This list does not include the name of Syria.

The most vulnerable countries

1. Nigeria
2. Columbia
3. Yemen
4. Pakistan
5. Venezuela
6. Egypt
7. Guatemala
8. El Salvador
9. Honduras
10. Thailand
11. Kenya
12. Lebanon
13. India
14. Philippines
15. Jamaica

Most secure country

1. Finland
2. Qatar
3. UAE
4. Iceland
5. Austria
6. Lgjmberg
7. New Zealand
8. Singapore
9. Oman
10. Portugal


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