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   15 October 2016 Current Affairs

International Rural Women's Day was celebrated

October 15 International Rural Women's Day

World Rural Women's Day was celebrated on October 15, 2016. International. This year's theme - Climate change: agriculture and food must also change.

The role of women in rural areas can not be ignored. They range from small-scale farming operations involving, nutritious food for the family
And other basic necessities are in the center of the family.

According to the UN, one of the rural environment should be made to empower women so that your whole family can empower themselves. Additionally, sustainable development goals such as poverty, hunger, food security and women's rights can be better implemented.


• On 15 October 2008 was celebrated the first International Day of Rural.

• The day set by the General Assembly resolution 62/136 of December 18, 2007 were under.

• The Day of rural women to empower them by recalling the key role is observed.


India and Russia signed an agreement to set up agricultural radiation
India and Russia on October 13 2016 in the country to install radiation centers signed an agreement.

BRICS Business Forum meeting other than the agreement Hindustan Agro Cooperative Ltd and Russia's United Innovation Corporation (UIC) has been between. Rosetm State Atomic Energy Corporation is a subsidiary of UIC.

India's Hindustan Agro-operative Ltd Chairman India Dokni Patil, CEO of the UIC signed on behalf of the Russian Federation, signed by Dennis Cheredecinko.

Features of the agreement:

• 25 radiation centers in the country under the bilateral agreement will be established.

• In the first seven centers will be set up in Maharashtra.

• The Sindhugdh, Satara, Solapur, JNPT, kindle, Napur and will be set up in Pune.

• UIC technical partner who would assist India in establishing this center.


An estimated 40 to 50 percent in India after the production of food grains and is destroyed. The main reason for this loss pest infestation, Microbiologist contamination and poor shelf life.

Fruit, flowers, vegetables and meat fish quick breakdown on the spending plans of radiation increases the number of them remain fresh. The loss of grain in the country could be reduced.


Android phone to launch the country's first solar power bank

Charging Android phone UAIAMAI named the country's first solar power bank launched the company. The country's first power bank which will be operated by solar energy.

About Solar Power Bank:

The Solar Power Bank 6000 Amaac capacity (mAh) U-3 (U3) is.
In areas where electricity is not available or is not smooth subdued by placing it in the sun can charge.
360 gadget for 'Power Bank Power Bank is the company's first in India.
A port and two USB ports in the power bank is made available.
It is water-proof, dust-proof as well, too.
Not one but several times the bank can charge your phone.

About Solar Power:

Solar energy from the sun called solar power.
The energy converted into heat or electricity is brought in other experiments.
As well as solar power or solar power to say that.
Homes, cars and airplanes is to use solar energy.
This form of energy is clean and non-polluting.
Get energy from the sun to use solar panels require it.
Solar panels are solar cells which use the sun's energy to make it worth.
It consists of many kinds, such as solar panels for water heating solar panels providing electricity vary.


India won four medals in the World Powerlifting Championships

World Powerlifting Championships held in England in India three-day event, the opening day of the 4 Medals. These are two gold and two silver medals. Mukesh Singh Gehlot (125 kg raw) and Gaurav Sharma (140 kg raw) World Powerlifting Championships, winning gold medals in their respective class.

Gehlot, who won gold in 2013. He became world champion for the second time in powerlifting.
Vaibhav Rana (125 kg raw) and Kanvldeep Singh (110 kg raw) won the silver medal in their respective class.
Sujit Khatri (100 kg raw) finished fourth in his class.
Kanvldeep also won silver in the last edition.
Pride won gold in the Commonwealth Championships held in New Zealand.
According to Indian coach Bhupinder Dhawan is in great form and he and his team are also expected to medal.


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