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Current Affairs
   17 October 2016 Current Affairs

China and Bangladesh signed 26 agreements

After high-level talks between Bangladesh and China, both countries with regard to infrastructure finance and investment agreements. Under which electricity, road and rail links in key areas such as the signing of 26 agreements. 15 Memorandum of Understanding which includes 11 loans and the framework agreement.
Chinese President Xi Jinpig talks between Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh said.
The leaders of the two countries launched six projects together.
Chinese President Xi Jinpig the first Chinese head of state in 30 years, are here. Bangladesh Jinpig grand welcome Chinese President Xi.
A special flight of Air China, Chinese President Xi Jinpig off here on the 21-gun salute.
The airport on their land army, navy and air force troops of the guard of honor.
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh and China have close cooperation. But this strategic relationship by increasing the level of cooperation was taken. Hasina's statement reiterated that Bangladesh 'one China policy' on all major issues, including his support of China.


China's longest manned space mission launched

China's longest manned space mission launched so far. The space mission with China spacecraft sent two passengers. After the successful launch of the campaign, making it China's experimental space craft orbiting the Earth in the laboratory said.
Chinese astronaut to make a space for it will be the longest. Campaign aims to send astronauts to the moon and Tue to explore the possibility. After the US and Russia, China is only the third country to send astronauts into space has become.

With the launch in China space near its goal of establishing a permanent station reached. Permanent space station by 2022. China has set a target of installing.
"Senjou -11" spacecraft aboard China's Jing Haipeng 50-year and 37-year-old Chen Dong astronauts China Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert near the Jiyukwan seven pm local time (IST morning at five o'clock) for space flight filled.
After launch 'Long March -2 F "carrier rocket took into orbit Senjou 11.
Wu Ping, deputy director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, according to the vehicle in two days orbiting the Earth from the Tiangong space laboratory will get -2 and two astronauts will stay for 30 days in the laboratory.

About the mission:

China's first manned mission (Mind Space Mission) started in 2003.
Jing Haipeng, 50-year-old is the third space flight.
Chen has been on the first mission.
Earlier, the Chinese astronaut in space for so long did not stop ever.
During the campaign, both astronauts will test spacecraft technologies and scientific and engineering use.
According to China's official Xinhua news agency, about 19 minutes after the launch of China's manned space program Usia Commander Zhang termed the campaign a success.


In September, the Chinese rocket with the satellite was sent into space station.
Nearly three years ago, China Rover mission, Jade Rabbit succeed in reaching the surface of the moon was the robot.

By 2025, China's goal:

China plans to send humans to the moon by 2025.
China's space mission has spent billions of dollars over the past 10 years.
The US, Russia, India and Japan is coping with this case.
China wants to carry humans to the moon by 2025. Unmanned vehicle wants to unload on the Mars.
100 Space Food will Stronot-
Experiments on various technologies during the mission will be.
Astronauts will exercise on bicycle. Will broadband link, during which more than 100 varieties, they also will eat space food.


BRICS nations agreed to establish an independent credit rating agency

BRICS summit held in Goa in the five-nation BRICS group of independent credit rating agency (based on market-oriented principles, an independent credit agency) agreed to set up. This would strengthen global governance structure.
Export-Import Bank of India for the BRICS countries had expressed the need for an independent rating agency.
Changes in the global financial system is important for the BRICS countries.
It is based on principles of fairness and equality of BRICS institution building.
BRICS member countries to meet their financing needs have already installed the new development bank.
The Bank became operational last year.


India and Hungary signed two agreements in the field of water resources

The Union Cabinet of India Water Resources, River Development and Ganga between the Ministry and the Hungarian enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of water management approved the MOU. The meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The two countries in various fields of water management are patched first. The first agreement is an agreement and new initiatives in water resources and agricultural techniques of the two countries involved in international affairs was to enhance cooperation between councils.

Benefits of the agreement:

The agreement between the two countries based on equality and mutual interests will increase bilateral cooperation in the field of water management.
Between public and private organizations of the two countries would promote the development of bilateral relations.
Scientists in the field of water resources development and management of joint activities and mutual exchanges between delegations from the two countries would benefit.
River basin management, integrated water resources management, water supply, irrigation technology innovation, flood and drought management in social and economic conditions of the people of the two countries will improve.


Sikkim became India's first clean state

Clean India campaign in the northeastern part of the country populated mountainous state of Sikkim became India's first clean state. Gangtok, Sikkim, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the cleanest tourist honored. Sikkim every section of small and local environmental initiatives, has to make the environment clean and beautiful.
Regarding sanitation Sikkim
Sikkim, Sikkim about sanitation coverage in the Clean India campaign is spread over every village and every city.
Watarvrn maintain clean and beautiful Sikkim has taken as a model.
Cleaning a link has been created in order to schools in Sikkim.
Sikkim each citizen plays well its responsibility towards nature.
The effect of interfering with the civil nature of Sikkim is the least well-care residents.
Sikkim overlooking schools is nothing short of a toy shop or a museum.
West Sikkim, re-use of waste Tashiding government school children are worth the work.
Sikkim Jimmedariyon also their citizens are well aware about the environment.
Kanchenjunga Manndeninyring area between the movement of the Sailaniyon sanitation mission continues.
The school does not have any stuff Lingchong useless.
Everything exists in the form of a new and systematic.
Sikkim Abavon students have tried to change the option.

The State's aesthetics:

Unique blend of beauty and aesthetics of the litigants in Sikkim.
ABO is a freshness in the air filled with Anand mind.
This is thanks to the people of the beauty of Sikkim.


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