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   19 October 2016 Current Affairs

Indian Navy has been involved submarine INS Arihant

India's indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant Indian Navy has been involved in the October 18, 2016.

Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lamba INS Arihant by their inclusion in the Navy in August 2016 was announced.

On the induction of INS Arihant, India became the sixth country in the world, which is indigenous nuclear submarine. 5 countries before the US, Britain, France, Russia and China were present nuclear Pandubbiyan.

INS Arihant:

• On Arihant K-15 short-range missiles are -5 or BO. It can hit targets up to 700 kilometers.

• The K-4 ballistic missile would be deployed which can kill up to 3,500 kilometers.

• It weighs 6,000 tons and is capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

• The land, the sea and the air is able to target within target.

Nuclear triad:

• Air Force bombers nuclear triad means, the army fired a ballistic missile warhead missiles and submarine equipment that can be operated.

• three nuclear power in all places at the same time the enemy's nuclear forces can not destroy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched in Ludhiana National SC ST hub

Modi scheduled castes and tribes (SC-ST) community to assist entrepreneurs Ludhiana October 18, 2016, which introduced the National SC and ST. With this scheme has been launched Zero Defect, Zero Effect.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the national awards were presented to 500 women from economically backward families were also distributed wheel.

National SC and ST Hub:

• Prime Minister Employment Scheme has been introduced at the national level in order to assist the people of scheduled castes and tribes.

• OBC, SC / ST people to support the objective of this program is professional.

• The initial amount of the scheme has been kept at Rs 490 crore and it can be extended as needed.

• Access to market it to entrepreneurs and their connectivity, capacity building, financial assistance and other schemes will be given.

• Public Procurement Policy 2012 under the ministries, departments and CPSE 4 percent of their total purchases from SC, ST entrepreneurs would buy.

Zero Defect, Zero Effect Plan:

• The plan announced by the Prime Minister's Independence Day speech in 2014 was.

• The plan is to produce high quality products and the least negative impact on the environment is the goal.

• Women in Ludhiana Charkha been distributed under the same scheme.

• The micro, small and medium sector is to increase the level of quality.

Protocol signed between Indian Railways and Russian Railways to speed up

Nagpur-Secunderabad railway corridor to accelerate the feasibility study protocol signed between Indian Railways and Russian Railways. Protocol signed bilateral meeting held in Goa on October 15, 2016, the Prime Minister and the Russian President Vladimir Putin made the middle.

Project Chief Facts:
  • Nagpur-Secunderabad section in the protocol on the speed of passenger trains to 200 kilometers per hour to increase the technical and performance work has included studies.
  • The project will be funded jointly Railways and Russian Railways.
  • The cost of the two sides will hold 50 percent.
  • Protocol from India Naveen Kumar Shukla, consultant / mobility / Railway Board and Chairman of the Russian side Okvi Blojirov was signed by the Russian Railways.


  • During December 2015 the Ministry of Railways and technological cooperation was signed between Russian Railways.

The MOU identified the following areas

  • India's high-speed rail (HSR)
  • Railways to increase the speed of 160-200 kilometers per hour, the modernization of existing lines of Indian Railways
  • Satellite navigation and digital media based on modern control and safety related systems
  • Satellite and land information technology
  • Transportation Security and Cyber ​​Security
  • Rolling stock
  • Heavy haul transport
  • Indian Railways to organize human resource training
  • Students of higher professional education and advanced training of staff members, including managers
  • Redevelopment of stations
  • Dedicated freight rail corridor
  • Track superstructure bridges and tunnels, including the modernization of civil engineering works, reconstruction and construction
  • Slab tracks

Oil company British Petroleum, the Centre sanctioned petrol pumps in India

Europe's third-largest oil company British Petroleum, October 14 2016, is licensed by the Government of India. Now the retail sale of petrol and diesel in India said.
Licensed by the government of India, the company will open 3,500 gas stations. In this way the fuel retailing business will be the 10th to enter.
Fuel retailing business is currently dominated by state-owned oil companies.
Petrol pumps in the country about 56 thousand to 95 per cent of these companies. License in India is nothing short of a milestone for the Company.
Haldia Petrochemicals BP well has been licensed for the retail petrol and diesel. Earlier, in January 2016 the company of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) was approved for marketing.
British Petroleum Exploration in India or production, oil refining, gas or product pipeline is expected to invest Rs 2,000 crore.
There are 13 oil refineries of BP worldwide. The company's 17,000 filling stations under the banner of which 15,000 are in the US and Europe.

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