Current Affairs 23 October

Current Affairs
    23 October 2016 Current Affairs

Reliance Jio regulator approved the lifelong free voice calling

Telecom major Reliance Jio TRAI (TRAI) has approved plans to lifelong free voice calling. Mukesh Ambani-owned company, the industry, the husband.

TRAI's consent:

  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the telecom sector plan for the new company is in line with current regulations and it is not discriminatory.
  • TRAI has also written a letter to the telecom operators in this regard.
  • According to the letter filed in Trai tariff plans that do not comply with the IUC, can not be considered arbitrary and discriminatory.
  • Telecom operators Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and others try to contact the free call service offered by Reliance Jio opposed.
  • Telecom operators to the tariff plans arbitrary, discriminatory and that current regulations did not follow.
  • According to Reliance Jio free local, and national roaming calls Stihdi RJio main objective of the package is always to provide customers free calling.
  • Last month Reliance Jio Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani to launch was announced.
  • As announced to our customers, Geo will provide lifetime free Internet-based voice calling.

The government launched the flight plan

Civil Uddyn flight plan, the government launched a policy. The government flew the country's citizens in the name of regional air connectivity is to start planning. The purpose of the plan is to connect small towns airline. The scheme will be for 10 years.

  • New Delhi plans to launch civil Uddyn Minister Ashok Gajapati Raju. Civil Uddyn plan will be implemented by January, according to the minister.
  • This is the first of its kind in the world economy on regional routes and flights will present viable. Passengers flying on major routes funded regional connectivity plan will pay more for Flying an innovative plan to develop regional aviation market.
  • Under this service, the airline will hire less deprived areas could be reached.
  • Under the scheme, 50 per cent of seats for the flights and the balance Rs 2,500 rent threshold in case it will be based on market-based pricing The market-based system in which airlines will bid for a subsidy of seats.
  • Commerce and tourism will develop and grow the business.
  • Service provider to airlines and more passengers will get new path.
  • Smoking in the flight plan and the ability to service the country's airports are under-served by the existing runways and airports is to provide connectivity to Punrroddhar.
  • Airline passengers flying to the operator minimum 9 and maximum 40 seats will have to be subsidized rates and minimum 5 and maximum of 13 seats for helicopters will have to be at a subsidized rate.
  • Pratisptah airline on each route that speed will serve a minimum of 3 and maximum 7 departure.
  • 500 km an hour's journey by plane and helicopter rental for a 30 minute trip limit will be Rs 2,500.
  • Partner states (which are not included Northeastern State and Territory will contribute 10 per cent), the Fund will contribute up to 20 per cent. For balanced regional development allocation under the scheme will be equally into five geographical regions of the country. They are areas north, west, south, east and north-east.

For farmers, the startup launched Krofarm

Buy vegetables directly from farmers to reach retail stores Varun Khurana 'Krofarm called startup company is formed. Prashant Jain has initiated, together with the company's monthly turnover has reached beyond Rs one crore. Kanpanika was formed in May this year.


  • Varun Khurana, Co-founder and chief executive officer of the company. At present the company in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are doing business in. Its platform to 14 and more than 50 thousand farmers have joined the grocery store.
  • These Big Bazaar, Reliance Retail, including chain stores such as Big basket and Grofr.
  • Orders are taken through the app shoppers and farmers demand is informed about the day before.
  • Vegetable farmers break the next morning and the evening are ready Chhaà¤

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