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    24 October 2016 Current Affairs

Iraq's parliament passed legislation to ban alcohol

Iraq's parliament on October 22 2016 in the country's alcohol production, sales and import ban on a law passed.

According to the new law for violating the ban will be fined 25 million Iraqi dinar. Although the new law may be canceled by the Supreme Court of Iraq.

This new law is likely to apply in Iraq's Kurdish region, most Christians live in this region. This rule may cause losses for those who are living from the sale of alcohol.

Iraq's Christian lawmakers without consulting lawmakers, according to Joseph Slaiwa this draft law has been prepared.

Restaurants that serve alcohol in the previous paragraph on the provision of additional tax imposition was written.


The proposal was submitted by Judge Mahmoud al-Hassan. He supported that it has been presented in accordance with Article 2 of the Constitution, which does not violate any laws of Islam.

Although the holy month of Muharram because of the shops are closed for a month.

World Bank assistance to Bangladesh announced two billion dollars

Bangladesh World Bank to tackle climate change in the recent two billion dollar assistance announced. Dhaka two days visiting World Bank President Jim Yong Kim announced the investment.

Bangladesh is most vulnerable to climate change. Hover over their life and livelihood in Bangladesh this amount to help bail out.

Bangladesh since independence from the world's largest association of international development assistance is to twenty-four billion US dollars.

In Bangladesh, the impact of climate change caused by global warming is one of the worst affected countries. Most floods in Bangladesh. Although the new technology is being tried to prevent floods.

During the five-month monsoon floods and thousands of people are homeless often.

Bangladesh floods, storms, tropical cyclones and river erosion, drought and unprecedented events of extreme hot breeze Large parts of the country are increasing.

Bangladesh faced the threat of climate change ranks as the world's number one economy.

What is climate change?
The average temperature of the Earth is now about 15 ° C and geological evidence suggests that in the past has been too high or low. But suddenly in the last few years the climate is changing rapidly. Season has its own personality, but in it is changing now. Getting longer as the summer, and the winters are getting shorter. This is happening in the whole world.

TRAI Airtel, Vodafone and Idea 3050 crore penalty on recommended

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in October 2016, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Idea Cellular at Rs 3050 crore penalty imposed recommended. This recommendation was due to the live network connection.

TRAI's recommendation was submitted to the Department of Telecom, which said that Geo's complaint found that the three companies are getting not providing interconnection.

Thanks to a network interconnection point, which means that it is the call on the second network. Through the growing problem of call drops, if it is insufficient.

Airtel: Bharti Airtel Limited 22 circles (Jammu and Kashmir) for each circle was fined Rs 50-50 crore is recommended. Thus it was fined a total of Rs 1,050 is recommended.

Vodafone: Vodafone India in 21 circles at 50-50 million (1,050 million) has been requested was fined Rs.

IDEA: 950 million fine imposed on it in 19 service areas have been recommended to.

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