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    25 October 2016 Current Affairs

The Centre for e-mail service to the voters of the voting system provided

The government services sector personnel e-mail voting system to vote is facilitated. The Government of India Rules, 1961, this facility has provided amendments to 23 rules. Centre notification to this effect was issued on October 21, 2016.

E-voting procedure:

This feature works in the service sector, including armed forces personnel will be provided to voters.
Under this system, they will be sent a free postal ballot electronically.
The way to send ballots by mail service and then in the process of sourcing will save time considerably.
And working in the border areas, especially armed forces personnel will benefit from this feature.
Postal ballot by a two-way transmission (send-bring) the current system was not able to meet the expectations of voters.


Staff of the armed forces, especially in the border areas and the working time of voting ONA Tje why it would not do it, the government has provided.
In this case the Government of India and Aanarh versus blue Gokhale (writ petition No. 1005/2013) by the Supreme Court, the case was brought to the notice.
Writ petition demanded that armed forces personnel (AFP) and their family members to vote no effective mechanism to facilitate the process and should be developed.
Government personnel and their family members from the border areas and to facilitate the voting process for bringing EC exposed.
EC's technical team developed the system. The blank postal ballot electronically can be sent to the e-mail ballot voters.
Postal ballots for voters who are eligible to download a mail ballot printed (print) can do.
Postal voting system currently in the postal ballot after registering their votes by mail is sent to the returning officer concerned.
This feature will whom
India's armed forces personnel
Army Act, 1950, under the provisions of the personnel of other forces
States working out of state armed forces personnel
For personnel employed outside India under the Government of India has introduced this service.
Two-way electronic transmission security and privacy reasons, have not been recommended by the Commission.

Delhi to host the FIFA U-17 World Cup approved

Soccer body FIFA's world-class high-level delegation to New Delhi next year's FIFA U-17 is selected to host the soccer World Cup.
Following the acceptance of New Delhi, the country became the fourth city. Received approval from the FIFA U-17 World Cup.
Earlier, Kochi, Mumbai and Goa has hosted the FIFA U-17 Soccer World Cup.

FIFA delegation visited the city's stadiums and training facilities.
They all were assured of the renovation work by March 2017.
These stadiums, including Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.
According to the All India Football Federation secretary Kushal Das India Football Federation from the very beginning of this process is working closely with various stakeholders. The results are meaningful.
After visiting all the sights of the FIFA delegation noted with satisfaction the progress.

About FIFA:

Federation Internationale de Football Association is the international federation of football. FIFA is commonly known.
This is football's international governing body.
Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland is.
FIFA football organization and organizing major international tournaments, most notably the FIFA World Cup 1930 and is responsible for organizing and doing.
FIFA's 208 member associations, members of the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee, three more than more than 16, although this number is less than five members of the International Association of Athletics Federations.

The first female to climb Mount Everest, died Tabei Junco

The world's highest mountain, the first woman to climb Mount Everest Junco Tabei of Japan, died on October 20, 2016. They were 77 years old.
Junco Tabei peritoneal cancer were four years ago. Junco Tabei in 1975 at the age of 35 the world's highest mountain peak (8,848 meters) was conquered.
They became the first woman in the world to have accomplished this.

Junco Tabei main facts related to:

• Tabei of Junco was born 22 September 1939 in Japan.
• The highest seven peaks of the seven continents, also became the first woman was waving his flag. He did Karnam 1992.
• Junco Tabei won numerous awards in his career.
• In 1995 he was awarded the Prime Minister of Japan.
• Also in 2008, the Mountain Institute in Washington Tabei was the Mountain Hero Award.

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