Current Affairs 27 October

Current Affairs
   27 October 2016 Current Affairs

India and Sri Lanka began joint military exercises

India and Sri Lanka have started joint military exercises. The military exercise was launched in Sri Lanka Anbepusa. Military exercises have been held up on the sixth.

About military exercises:

India and Sri Lanka were held between the two countries in the military exercises named 'More Power' is given.
SAARC groups India military exercises with other countries will join.
Under which the Indian Army will exercise with Nepal and Bangladesh.
Nepal, a training exercise with the name of 'Surya' is placed.
Military exercises with neighboring Bangladesh will be held between November 5 and 18.
Rajputana Rifles of the Indian contingent, led by the Sri Lanka Sinha is leading the troops.

The court also imposed a complete ban on the sale of Uttarakhand Waitnr

October 25, 2016 in the state of Uttarakhand High Court imposed a ban on its sale. Recently for drunk Waitnr (white ink) after the death of a teenager more Smelling High Court to issue an order like this.
High Court Justice Rajiv Sharma complete ban on its sale in the state government directed.

Moreover, the High Court also issued orders for teen drug addiction in view of the aromatic smell of goods under the age of 18 years and Fevikvik Iodex children should not be sold as accessories.
Hookah bar in the presence of minor girls will be completely banned. Protect children and youth from addiction and to improve the toughness of the high court and the state administrative machinery has swung into action.

India's first space life "Astrobiology Conference 'held in Mumbai

India's first space life "Astrobiology Conference 'was held in Mumbai. The conference was held at the Mumbai-based Indian Astrobiology Research Center.

Astrobiology conference about:

  • Astrobiology conference attached to the United Nations Centre Nehru Science Centre in collaboration with IARC.
  • Astrobiology is the first conference held in India.
  • Conference topics Conference cosmic life 'Life in Space' is'.
  • Astrobiology life in the universe's origin, evolution and distribution of the studies.
  • It's life or any other places beyond Earth also contains the pursuit of wisdom.
  • Head of the IARC Scientific Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya proper response to the first conference of Astrobiology. The conference was attended by students from across the country.
  • Opening the conference, held on October 23, 2016 by space scientist Prof Jayant narlikar.
  • In the ongoing quest for space Sucshmjivn he briefed.
  • From 40 kilometers above Earth's surface employed for the analysis of organic matter discussed at future trials.
  • The discovery of life beyond Earth came from the University of Cambridge, UK Professor Chandra wickramasinghe also shared their experience.
  • On this subject for more than four decades of experience.
  • In these four decades, he has worked on testing Pansprmia.

India and New Zealand Double Taxation signed three agreements including Ban Treaty

India and New Zealand have signed three agreements including a double taxation treaty prohibition. These trade agreements, which are related to important sectors such as defense and security.

Facts of the main agreement:

  • New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said Narendra Modi's candidature NSG 'constructive' approach assured. Foreign Minister-level talks with the two sides on cyber issues and decided to set up a system of exchange.
  • Prime Ministers of the two countries' presence in the double taxation treaty prohibition and prevention of fiscal evasion on income tax, including the three agreements were signed.
  • New Zealand, India and the East Asia Summit, the ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting and the ASEAN Regional Forum, including mutual participation in regional organizations decided to expand.
  • In a joint statement, both countries give new dimensions to the security and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region in view of the importance of such regional organizations confirmed.
  • In both countries, the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the region emphasized.
  • Prime Ministers of both countries agreed that commercial and trade relations between India and New Zealand are strong enough.
  • One billion eight hundred million dollars in the last two years the business was mutual.
  • Has risen 42 percent in the past five years.
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