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    28 October 2016 Current Affairs

Army 69th Infantry Day

69th Infantry Day in the country (Infantry-Day) was celebrated on October 27, 2016. In memory of the bravery of the armed infantry Infantry Army Day is celebrated on October 27 every year. This day is also known by the name of the Queen of the war.
Fighting in Jammu and Kashmir from Pakistani raiders in 1947 and infantry officers and soldiers who sacrifice to remember and to honor them 69th Army Infantry Day is celebrated on October 27.
The day of the First Battalion of the Sikh Regiment of the Indian Army infantry squad landed at Srinagar airport and air force fought bravely to liberate Kashmir from Pakistani raiders made. Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India by Maharaja Hari Singh signed the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to accept the ordered action.

Infantry About:

Infantry is a branch of the military. This branch of soldiers in battle with the enemy has to bear the brunt of the war the biggest. During the military operation, the military branch most casualties occur.
Historic in terms of infantry combat weapon is known as the oldest branch. It kills the enemy in battle to enter the house because of the infantry of the army is considered the most important branch.
Their traditional infantry weapon fire-largest contingent of Indian army
Harisinh Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir with the help of the army sent to crush the invaders and was Kbalion Pakistan.

Union Urban Development Ministry NBCC (India) Ltd. and compromised with CPWD

Union Urban Development Ministry on October 25 2016, National Building Construction Corporation (India) Ltd and the Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with.
This agreement common pool residential accommodation in New Delhi (Jeepiara) for the redevelopment of colonies have been.

Features of the agreement:
• NBCC Sarojini Nagar, Netaji Nagar, Naoroji city will redevelop the CPWD Kasturba Nagar, Thyagaraja Nagar, will Srinivaspuri and redevelopment of Mohammadpur.
• The total project cost is Rs 32835 crore. It also includes 30 years of maintenance and operating costs.
• NBCC 24 682 million cost of the work will be given Rs 7793 while the CPWD.
• As part of the project at NBCC Naurogingr 8.07 lakh square meters and commercially manufactured parts of Sarojini Nagar area (BUA), based on the sales of self-financing of the project will be implemented.
• Under the project, around 25 667 residential units in place of the current 12 970 houses will be built. They also will have the infrastructure needed to live in society.
• Project will be completed in phases over five years.

Nadia Murad and Lamia Aji Bashar 2016 Sakharov Prize

Nadia Murad Yjidi young women of Iraqi origin (23) and Lamia Aji Bashar (18) October 27, 2016 the European Parliament awarded the prestigious Sakharov prize. The award for social work on human rights and fundamental freedoms is provided.
The two women in the European Parliament S & D and Aeldii liberal (ALDE) was nominated by the group. Nadia Lamia heigh-Bashar Murad settled and thousands Yjhidi girls that were involved in sexual thrall to the IS had kidnapped in 2014. They took to Mosul, where militants have been tortured and raped.
Sinjr purport to abduct a village when he was 19. Kocho happened. Both are working for human rights to be free from it. Yjhidi community as well as through advocacy campaigns are run.
IS Nadia Germany reached the jail and ran. Lamia lost an eye in an explosion. After that both the United Nations Security Council apprised of the situation.

Yjidi a radical Sunni community, which is believed to worship demons. For this reason, in 2014 Yjidi IS militants killed the men of the community. Women kept sex slaves.

About the Sakharov Prize:

  • Sakharov Prize ceremony will be held in Strasbourg on 14 December.
  • Sakharov prize is named after Andrei Sakharov, the Russian revolutionary scientist. Who dedicated his life to protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms are.
  • Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought is known officially. The award is given annually by the European Parliament.
  • It was launched in December 1988.
  • Badawi referee awarded the Sakharov Prize in 2015
  • The award is awarded 50,000 euros.
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