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    31 October 2016 Current Affairs

Jistian to share the data of foreign exchange receipts signed MOU with DGFT

Goods and Service Network (Jistian) foreign currency receipts and import-export code to share data from the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed.

Memorandum of Foreign Trade Director General Ajay Bhalla and Jistian CEO Prakash Kumar, signed in New Delhi on October 27, 2016. Electronic bank realization certificate (Ibiarsi) acquire foreign exchange in India to get the details of the transaction level.

DGFT Ibiarsi project implemented by exporters, banks, central and state government departments Smstt information relating to the receipt by the Bank to acquire, their processing and a unified platform built for later use.

E-BRC project realization of foreign exchange from banks related to export information to be uploaded to the server in a secure protocol helps the DGFT.

It taxpayers under GST strengthening export transaction processing, increased transparency and the human interface is expected to be low.

100 banks operating in India are now more than 1.9 million e-BRC has been uploaded to the DGFT server, which includes foreign banks and cooperative banks.

Shivam Saini Indian weightlifter won gold

Shivam Saini Indian weightlifter located in Penang, Malaysia 28 October 2016 Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship 2016 silver medal in the senior category won gold in the junior category.

Senior male category in the 94 kg category of 132 kg in snatch and clean Shivam Saini lifted 300 kg with 168 kg came second.

Indian Weightlifting Federation's vice-president in the junior competition, according to a release issued by Sahadev Yadav Saini raised in snatch and 132 kg in clean and jerk 168 kg weight lifting.

Earlier Guru King (56 kg) and light stools (53 kg), Senior (male and female) won the gold medal in weightlifting championships in their respective classes. King men's 249 kg total (108 and 141 kg), while the light weight lifting 175 kg in the women category (73 and 102 kg) won the gold medal by lifting.

The government recognized Indian Boxing Federation

October 28, 2016 by the Centre of Indian Boxing Federation (BFI) was recognized. Earlier, the International Amateur Boxing Association (Aiba) was also approved by the government.

Withdraw approval of the BFI in 2012 which was not promote boxing in India was able to find. This step taken by the government to re-promote boxing and sports energy communication.

Boxing's world governing body Aiba BFI recently recognized the principle. Later in India by the Union Sports Ministry BFI report and other activities approved by the election given recognition.

The decision by the country's boxing in the 2020 Olympic Games and other national and international competitions will help to prepare.

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